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8. Legislation on foreign investment and exchange control


Although deregulation is the dominant feature in exchange control and foreign investment matters, there are certain reporting requirements.

As a general rule, foreign investments are only subject to reporting requirements once the investment has been made, while exchange control and capital movements are fully deregulated in Spain, there being complete freedom of action in this regard in all areas.

8.1. Legislation on foreign investment

Royal Decree 664/1999 deregulated practically all transactions of this kind (with the conditions and exceptions set forth below), adapting Spanish domestic law to the rules on the freedom of movement of capital contained in Articles 56 et seq. of the Treaty of the European Union.

The most noteworthy aspects of the regulations applicable to foreign investments are as follows:

  • As a general rule, and for purely administrative, statistical or economic purposes, foreign investments must be reported afterwards to the Directorate-General for Trade and Investments, once the investment has been made. The only exceptions are: (i) investments from tax havens, which in general are subject to a prior administrative notification; and (ii) foreign investments in activities directly related to national security, and real estate investments for diplomatic missions by non-EU Member States, which require prior authorization by the Spanish Council of Ministers. There is no obligation for foreign investments to be formalized in the presence of a Spanish public certifying officer (unless an express provision provides otherwise).
  • The parties subject to the obligation to report investments or divestments in transferable securities are not generally the investors, but rather the investment firms, credit institutions or other resident entities engaging, as the case may be, in any of the activities specific to the first two and acting at the risk and expense of the investor, as the interposed holder of such securities. Investors must report the investment only when the securities account or deposit is held at an institution domiciled abroad, where the securities are being kept by the holder of the investment; or where they acquire a holding of 3% or more in listed companies (the last case must be reported to the National Securities Market Commission).
  • Foreign investments in the air transportation and radio industries, in industries relating to raw materials, minerals of strategic interest and mining rights, in the television, gaming, telecommunications and private security industries, in industries concerned with the manufacturing, marketing or distributing of arms and explosives and in national security-related activities (these latter activities are subject to the clearance rules), will be subject to the requirements imposed by the relevant bodies established by industry-specific legislation, although the general provisions may apply to them once those requirements are met.

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