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3. State incentives for specific industries


The Central Government provides financial aid and tax benefits for activities pursued in certain industries which are considered to be priority industries (e.g., mining, technological development, research and development, etc.) in view of their potential for growth and their impact on the nation's overall economy. Additionally, Autonomous Community governments provide similar incentives for most of these industries.

Financial aid includes both nonrefundable subsidies and interest relief on loans obtained by beneficiaries, or combinations of the two.

The main official programs supporting the industrial development projects to support innovation currently in force are:

3.1. Research, development and technological innovation

  1. 2013-2020 Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and for Innovation
  2. Encouraging innovation, technological improvement and research and development projects continues to be one of the priority objectives of the Spanish public authorities, since this is doubtless a determining factor of the increase in a country's competitiveness and economic and social development.

    Currently Science, Technology and Innovation Law 14/2011, of June 1, 2011, establishes the legal framework for the fostering of scientific and technical research, experimental development and innovation in Spain, founded on a scheme based on the approval of the related Spanish Strategies for Science, Technology and for Innovation, which serve as multi-year reference documents for reaching the statutory objectives and as a basis for the preparation of a State Plan through which to instrument in detail the initiatives required to perform such objectives.

    In line with the foregoing, at the beginning of 2013 the Council of Ministers approved, in a combined document, "the Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and for Innovation" for the 2013-2020 period, whose essential purpose is to promote the scientific, technological and business leadership of the country as a whole and to increase the innovation capacities of the Spanish company and the Spanish economy, defining in this connection the following general objectives:

    1. Recognizing and promoting R&D and TI talent and its employability, with a view to improving the System's R&D and TI training capacities, boosting labor market integration and employability of the trained human resources, both in the public and in the business sectors, and facilitating their mobility among public institutions and between such institutions and the private sector for the pursuit of R&D and TI activities.
    2. Fostering excellence in scientific and technical research; promoting the creation of knowledge, increasing the scientific leadership of the country and its institutions and fostering the creation of new opportunities which lead to the future development of highly competitive technological and business capacities.

Guide to business in Spain

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