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7. Internationalization incentives


Although it is not the aim of this publication to address incentives for Spanish investment abroad, this section is included in view of the obvious interest that Spanish investment abroad has sparked in foreign investors as a platform for international expansion.

In this context, please note that the official financial instruments approved by the Spanish government to provide official support for the internationalization of business are:

  • FIEM (enterprise internationalization fund, managed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Office of the Secretary of State for Trade).
  • FIEX (fund for investments abroad, managed by COFIDES).
  • FONPYME (operating fund for SME investments abroad, managed by COFIDES).
  • FINTEC (line of financing for investments in the electronics and the Information and communication technologies industry, managed by COFIDES).
  • FINCONCES (line of financing for investments in the infrastructure concession industry, managed by COFIDES).
  • Country Lines (managed by COFIDES).
  • Agreements for the conversion of debt into investment.
  • PROINVEX (program for major investments abroad, managed by the ICO).
  • The Internationalization Line of the ICO and support for Exports of the ICO and of the Ministry of Finance and Public Authorities.
  • Emprendetur Internationalization (included within the framework of the Integral National Tourism Plan).

Of all the foregoing financial instruments, particular regard must be had to the FIEM, the FIEX and the FONPYME, as well as to the lines of financing for investments in the electronics and information and communication technologies industry, or in the infrastructure concession industry and, lastly, the "Línea ICO-Internacional 2014" (2014 ICO International Line) and the "Línea Exportadores a Corto, Medio y Largo plazo" (Short-, Medium- and Long-term Exporters Line).

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