Guide to business in Spain Guía de negocios en España


1. Introduction


Employment contracts are generally regulated by the provisions of Legislative Royal Decree 1/1995, of March 24, approving the Workers' Statute (WS).

A major characteristic of Spanish labor legislation is that important employment issues can be regulated through collective bargaining, by means of collective labor agreements, that is, agreements signed between workers' representatives and employer representatives that regulate the employment conditions in the chosen sphere (areas within a company, company-wide or industry-wide).

Labor legislation has adapted in recent years to the special economic circumstances through the approval of various laws, the most significant and ambitious being Law 3/2012, of July 6, 2012, on Urgent Measures to Reform the Labor Market, which aims to establish a clear labor and employment law framework that will contribute to more efficient management of employment relationships and facilitate job creation and stable employment, Law 14/2013 of September 27, 2013 on support to entrepreneurs and their internationalization, establishing measures in relation to encouraging multiactivity and self-employment, and also measures to encourage the entry of investment and talent in Spain and Royal Decree-Law 16/2013, of December 20, 2013, establishing measures to boost stable contracts, employability of workers and flexibility in the organization of the work.

Guide to business in Spain

Labor and Social Security regulations


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