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8. Non-employment relationships


8.1. Economically dependent self-employed workers

Although this is not strictly an employment matter, brief reference should be made to Law 20/2007, of July 11, 2007, on the Self-Employed Workers' Statute, which regulates the concept of economically dependent self-employed workers.

This concept defines independent professionals (self-employed workers) who pursue an economic or professional activity for profit, habitually, personally, directly and predominantly for one individual or legal entity, known as the client, on which they depend economically because they receive from that client at least 75% of their income from work performed and from economic or professional activities. Certain requirements must be met simultaneously by self-employed workers if they are to be treated as economically dependent self-employed workers.

The above law establishes specific regulations on the terms on which self-employed workers provide services to their clients.

8.2. Internships without the statutory employment rights at companies

There are a number of cases in which a person can carry on activities at a company without such activities being treated as employed work:

  • External academic placements for university students, defined as training completed by university students and supervised by their universities, with a view to enabling students to apply and supplement the knowledge acquired in their academic training.
  • Internships without the statutory employment rights at companies or business groups that enter into agreements with the Public Employment Service, aimed at young people (between 18 and 25 years of age) who, due to their lack of work experience, have difficulty finding employment. These internships can be taken by people in the above age group who have not had an employment relationship or other type of work experience of more than three months in the same activity, and may last between three and nine months. Interns will receive a grant from the company of at least 80% of the monthly Public Multi-Purpose Income Indicator (IPREM) in force at any given time (currently €532.51 per month).

Guide to business in Spain

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