8D TECNOLOGÍA CREATIVA is specialized in creating simple media to interact and visualize contents. Combining the most diverse technology, they can create unique products to be used in especial events, museums, exhibitions or promotional campaigns.


Alfonso Gallardo Group focuses on the steel industry and is currently the largest producer of corrugated steel. Its factories are located in Extremadura, Madrid, Asturias and the Basque Country. It also has a cement plant in Alconera (Badajoz). Its headquarters are in Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz), and is the largest staff and turnover industrial group of Extremadura.


ALG group is a company that operates in the health sector at the national level, offering a wide range of analytical services and advice. The main objective is to help our customers by analyzing and meeting their needs and to provide in this way an added value in terms of quality to their products.


Amorim was born as a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of cork stoppers. The Amorim Group holds a leading position in the cork industry and this business still constitutes its largest core operation, although it has expanded onto other business areas including real estate, tourism, telecommunications, textiles, and high quality natural sustainable products, such as Port and red wines.


The Portuguese company Barbosa & Almeida Glasses is dedicated to the manufacture of glass containers for food and drinks industry. It has seven factories in Europe, three in Portugal, two in Poland and two in Spain, and generates a turnover of 450 million Euros.


Comparex is a multinational company specialized in software, consulting and services. It offers IT solutions independent from the manufacturer through a single supplier. The company has 75 sites in 29 countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.


Creapptiva is a company dedicated to the development of applications for smartphones. Tailor-made ideas orapps can be designed.


Cristian Lay has become the first manufacturer of jewelry in Europe, with a turnover exceeding 171 million euros. Over the years, Cristian Lay has diversified its business portfolio, currentlyforming a large group of companies in sectors as diverse as gas distribution to mains in cities, manufacturing and commercialization of corrugated cardboard, cosmetics and hygiene staff, fruits and vegetables and production of alternative and renewable energy. Because of their internationalization process they are present in 16 countries in Europe, North America and Africa.


Deutz-diter, Company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of high quality engines. It employs about500 people directly and provides jobs to many external companies. It has its registered office in Extremadura and also has offices in Madrid and Lisbon to commercialize DEUTZ products. The factory is mainly dedicated to machining and assembly of components for the DEUTZ Group plants located in Germany. Also hasenough infrastructures for the design and testing of diesel engines and components for diverse applications.


Ence, Energy and Cellulose is the first European company in terms of eucalyptuspulp production and the leader of Spain in forest biomass generation of renewableenergy.  Ence produces over 1,300,000 tons/yearof high quality eucalyptus pulp at its factories in Spain. Due these facts, Ence is able to export more than 85% of its pulp production to Europe, where you can find the most demanding customers in the world, thanks to an advanced logistics system.


Euronuts is a project promoted by PepsiCo to grow peanuts on a large scale for the first time in Europe. The objective is to let PepsiCo self-supply with peanuts for its production, packaging and marketing business at European level. Thus, it is expected that the provision will be moved gradually from the American continent to the Iberian Peninsula. The choice of Extremadura and Portugal as a key point for the peanut growing is due to weather issues, soil and infrastructure conditions.


Foresta Capital is a developer of sustainable forestry estates. Leveraging cutting edge forestry management techniques, advanced remote sensing and mapping technology and a dose of common sense, Foresta offers a unique, socially responsible investment product for institutional and retail buyers.


Freedom Factory is a Videogames studio that aims to become a rock-solid development studio producing, developing and publishing videogames, either under its own brand or for other brands. Freedom Factory develops cross-platform videogames for game consoles, smartphones and tablets (iPhone / iPad / Android...), as well as browser applications (PC / Mac).


Futboling is a new machine to play table football that respects the rules of the original game. Thanks to the software developed for this purpose and the internet connection, the game is transformed into a global challenge that can be followed in real time from anywhere in the world; results can be shared in the web: and in mobile applications that are being developed for iOS and Android. Most profits of the game go to charity.


Gehrlicher Solar is a photovoltaic German company which is among the 10 largest international systems integrators. Gehrlicher Solar plans, builds, finances and manages solar installations up to several megawatts. With a workforce of over 250 employees and 13 branches spread across Germany, Spain, Italy, England, France, Czech Republic, Romania and the United States as well as joint ventures in India, South Africa, Turkey and Brazil, they are present all over the world.


Hutchinson,is a manufacturer of rubber and elastomer. They are focused on four fields of expertise: sealing systems, vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation, fluid transfer systems and transmission and mobility.


IBM, with an annual investment of around 6000 million dollars in R&D+I and the largest number of patents registered during 20 consecutive years (6.478 patents registered in 2012) IBM leads the cutting edge of technology. IBM operates in more than 170 countries and it employs over 430.000 employees worldwide. Its activity focuses on providing its customers with technological solutions and business consulting services and Information and Communication Technologies that contribute to the success of their companies.


The Assisted Reproduction institute of Extremadura (IERA) has been created to assist coupleswith problems to conceive using the most advanced medical and biological techniques, and the most personalized treatments. In addition to its healthcare labor, IERA carries out professional activities to extend its action framework and contribute to the continuous advance of the Assisted Reproduction Techniques.


Imedexsa is manufacturer of metallurgical industry. Established in 1979, is dedicated since its inception to the design and manufacture of towers and lattice metallic structures for power lines, crossheads and ironworks for concrete poles, solar trackers, and telecommunications and lighting towers.


Indra is a global technology, innovation and talent company, on the cutting edge of high value-added solutions and services for the sectors of Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration, Healthcare, Financial Services, Security and Defense and Telecom and Media. Indra operates in more than 128 countries and has more than 42,000 employees worldwide focused on developing innovative solutions that have fulfill (successfully meet) the expectations of most demanding customers. Indra ranks second in Europe by R&D expenditure with nearly 550 M euros invested in the last three years.


Company founded in 1970, dedicated to the manufacture of private label products in the field of cleaning, personal care and cosmetics. It has capacity to produce 100 million bottles a year. In 2012 established a joint venture with the French company Linossier, the European leader in the manufacture of Dishwasher tablets of detergent, brighteners, anti-scale, etc., constituting Spaintab.


IntexMedia is a group of companies dedicated exclusively to the design, management and maintenance of theirown web portals. The team of people linked direct or indirectly with the organization consists of more than 20 qualified professionals in various areas of the web field. Currently the group has 44 sites of various topics in 9 different languages and has passed the page views since its creation.


iTag is an application developed by the company Nubelia Solutions, from Cáceres. It aims to give a solution to a very common need in catering trade. When we consult the menu of a restaurant we usuallyfind a list of dishes without description of ingredients, without pictures and, sometimes, in a different language. To solve this lack of information, iTag offers the customer a detailed description via mobile phone. The restaurant only has to link his menu to a QR code. With this app, customers can also evaluate the dish tasted and give their marks.


Liveclubs is a mobile application that shares your location and the places you like with your friends, or post the places you have discovered on social networks. With Liveclubs you can see where your friends are, who they are with and what they are going to do throughout the night for partying. Integratedwith Facebook and Twitter.


Mobbeel, Provides biometric security solutions (iris, voice, face, hand geometry, signature recognition... and more to come) for Android and iOS devices.


Nestlé Group has twelve production plants in our country located into seven regions. thanks to its high level of competitiveness, these factories export 40% of its production to other countries. In 2012, the Nestlé Group companies in Spain reached a sales turnover of 2.107 million euros. In Spain, Nestlé provides direct employment to more than 5,900 people.


Pixel Ratio is a young and talented studio specialized in video games and applications for mobile devices, consoles, and PC. It has its own technology and the best tools in the sector to carry out the project presented by the customer.


Resilux, its core business is the production of preforms andbottles of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The preforms are blown in bottles either by RESILUX orby the customer and then filled. The distinctive feature of the Belgian company is the high quality of products and delivery reliability. Its factory Resilux Iberica Packaging in Extremadura is established since 1997.


Splash, experts on application developments for mobile phones. They are APP developers for iOS and Android. Splash Mobile creates publishes and maintains customer’s applications which allow them to reach the pockets of thousands of users.


Study2gether is an innovative platform of knowledge management for schools. It is certainly the best tool for communication between all the groups at an educational centre (teachers, students, parents...) and allows you to achieve greater levels of efficiency, saving costs and resources.


Founded in 2005, Torrepet conquered quickly a large representation in the recycling area in Spain and other European countries. The company is partner of the Brazilian multinational group VALGROUP which has over 30 years’ experience in the processing and commercialization of plastic products.


Unibail-Rodamco is the leading real estate company in Europe and the third largest in the world. Today the Group has an exceptional portfolio of major commercial properties, worth nearly 30 billion euros. The business of Unibail-Rodamco is generally focused on large shopping centers and office buildings in major European cities.

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