1. What is Rising Start Up Spain?

An acceleration program to attract talent and international entrepreneurs to Spain, promoted by ICEX-Invest in Spain, whose mission is to contribute to reinforcing and internationalizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain. The aims of the program are:  

  • To promote Spain and the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem on an international scale
  • To help attract talent and innovative entrepreneurial projects to Spain.
  • To enable the repatriation of Spanish entrepreneurs engaged in projects in third countries and provide mechanisms for collaboration between Spanish and foreign entrepreneurs.
  • To capture international funding for innovative entrepreneurial projects and increase specific investment opportunities in activities with high added value in Spain.

2. What entrepreneurial projects can take part in the program?

International projects promoted or developed by foreigners or non-resident Spaniards (A foreign entrepreneurial project is understood as being companies constituted in Spain in which at least 10% of the capital belongs a foreign natural person or legal entity).

The selected projects will have to be constituted as a company in Spain, for which they will have a period of three months. If the company has already been formed in Spain, it must be less than one year old.


3. What benefits and services does the program offer entrepreneurial projects?

1.- Visa procurement services for the entrepreneur and their partner (fast-track).

2.- Free workspace provided by Barcelona Activa and Madrid International Lab, Wayra and other collaborating organizations as they join the program.

3.- Nonrefundable direct financial aid of 10,000 euros.

4.- Specialized mentoring to support the process of funding and penetration in the Spanish market.

4. How many entrepreneurial projects will be included in the second edition of the program?

A maximum of 15 projects will be chosen to benefit from the program. Based on the resulting assessments, other support services may be provided to an additional number of projects.

5. How will the projects be chosen?

A panel of experts from the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem will assess the projects to enter the competition. The selection criteria are listed below:

  • Skill of the management team (25%)
  • Economic-financial activity (25%)
  • Product validation and growth potential (25%)
  • Innovative and disruptive capacity (25%)

6. How long does the program last?

The program will last up to 9 months, and the second edition will start on 1 June 2017.

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