ITP Aero begins the construction of its new plant in Vizcaya

It is set to open in the spring with investment of €14.2 million, creating 60 new jobs

Growing demand for "externals", the components used to dress aircraft engine systems, has led the Spanish company ITP Aero, part of the Rolls-Royce group, to construct a new factory for their design and manufacture. ITP is the ninth biggest company by sales in its sector at global level and one of the top 100 in the world in the aeronautics industry. It employs over 3,500 people in its production centers in Spain, the United Kingdom, Malta, the United States, India and Mexico.

The new plant, involving investment of €14.2 million, is to open in the spring in the Science and Technology Park in Derio, Vizcaya. This location is very close to Zamudio, where the company has its headquarters.

New technologies

The facilities will include engineering, development and production offices. It will also house the global headquarters of the business area for externals. The building's new technologies will allow company to expand the current product portfolio to new more complex components with greater added value. This means it will be prepared to respond to new technological and environmental requirements that will be demanded from engine manufacturers in the future.

The Derio plant will employ 160 by its third year of activity. Around one hundred will come from relocations from the company's other plants, while the remaining 60 will be new jobs. Around half of these will be for higher education graduates, and the rest will be for workers with average or higher professional training qualifications.

The general director of ITP Aero, Carlos Alzola, explains: "The new plant is in line with the growth plans outlined in the ITP 2020 strategic plan, focusing on reinforcing R&D efforts and responding to the growth forecasts of the global aeronautics industry. With the start-up of this plant, we will have opened two new facilities in two years, a trend that reflects ITP Aero's growth ambitions."