Carbures presents in Cadiz its first Hyperloop capsule

In March, the company signed a second contract for €2.8 million for the prototype of the tunnel

The Carbures factory in El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz) was the place chosen by this Spanish company for its global presentation of its first Hyperloop capsule, the cabin in which future passengers will be able to travel at 1,200 km/hour.

The capsule measure 32 meters in length and is fitted with sensors that monitor, in real time, variables related with temperature, deformation and stress. The design works began just over two years ago, and manufacture started in 2017 at the Carbures centers in Seville, Jerez and El Puerto de Santa María, where the final assembly phase was completed.

In total, Carbures has invested in this project 21,000 engineering hours, and has contributed its experience in carbon fiber, at the heart of the company's business and the material comprising 85% of the capsule. Next, it will travel to the testing center of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in Toulouse (France) and, after being equipped with the technologies and systems of this American company, will undergo initial testing.

After the capsule, the tunnel
Last March, Carbures signed a new contract with Hyperloop for €2.8 million. This time, the American company entrusted it with the integral development of the prototype of the tunnel through which the first line of this futuristic mode of transport will operate, foreseen to connect Dubai with Abu Dhabi.

The prototype, for which Carbures will assume from engineering to manufacturing, will have 700 meters in length, split into twelve-meter segments. Its diameter will have four meters and the wall a thickness of 32 millimeters. Maintenance and security will be facilitated by its thousands of smart sensors.

The transportation of the future runs through Andalusia
Both Carbures contracts are tremendously valuable for Cadiz and Seville in the development of this future mode of transport. Specifically, the main competitor of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the also American Virgin Hyperloop One, recently chose the nearby Malaga for the creation of a center for testing and developing advanced technology in collaboration with Adif.

Airtificial, new name for a new phase
On another hand, Carbures and Inypsa have agreed to a merger, from which they will arise with a new business name: Airtificial. The new brand will focus on artificial intelligence and will work on concepts like collaborative robotics and sensor-based structures in the fields of civil engineering and the aeronautical and automotive industries.