Veos Ibérica has created an innovative project in the pork industry

It will invest 27 million euros in Huesca and create 20 new direct jobs with high added value

Veos Ibérica has launched a new project to use pork by-products, with the onus on innovation and the circular economy. The Spanish company, led by the Belgian group Veos and in which the Spanish group Vall Companys also has a stake, has chosen Monzón (Huesca) for this project based on developing functional proteins for animal feeds using processed porcine plasma.

By early August, the first administrative formalities had been completed. allowing the company to begin construction of the technologically innovative facilities. The company plans to invest 27 million euros in this project, which is expected to create 20 direct jobs with high added value and another 30 indirect ones.

Opening in 2022
According to Veos Ibérica's plans, the new facilities will be up and running within approximately one and a half years, i.e. by Q1 2022. The factory will be located in an industrial park in Armentera de Monzón, the second most populous city in Huesca province.

In line with the sustainability strategy of the Vall Companys Group, Veos Iberica is firmly committed to economic and entrepreneurial development in rural areas of Spain. So far, the regions that have benefited most from this policy have been Aragon, Catalonia and Castilla-León.

From waste to creating jobs
Veos Ibérica has also supported International Casing Products, also of the Vall Companys Group, in its efforts to develop other projects in the region of Aragon to make use of by-products and the circular economy. While other industries and sectors still treat by-products as waste, the agrifood and livestock sector is showing how to create high added value from them, from both a business and economic standpoint.

To date, Vall Companys's by-product and circular economy companies have created a total of 305 jobs.