Barometer of the business climate in Spain. Results 2020

ICEX-Invest in Spain | Multinationals by Brand Spain | IESE's International Center for Competitiveness (ICC)

The Barometer reflects the opinion of foreign investors, collected in an annual survey, on the Business Climate in Spain

The "Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain from a Foreign Investor's Perspective" study has been published for more than a decade,and has become a must-read publication in Spain. Each edition presents the score and importance that more than 800 foreign companies attach to the business climate in Spain in 2020. It also includes their forecasts for the next two years. It identifies, in the medium term, the strengths that must be maintained and the main spheres of action that require more work. The overall assessment of the Barometer is reduced this year, although not significantly, in general and also in specific aspects. Investment firms anticipate a relative improvement by 2021 and a general recovery by 2022 for all areas analyzed (investment, workforce, revenue and exports). The Barometer assesses the following core subjects: Spain's characteristics and conditions in relation to its labor market, taxation, regulatory environment, infrastructure, costs, financing, human capital, innovation, market size and quality of life.