Invest in Chemicals. Invest in Spain

Business Federation of Spanish Chemical Industry (FEIQUE), ICEX-Invest in Spain

The Spanish chemicals industry is a strategic sector of the economy and a major driver of wealth and employment. Over 3,000 companies make up this sector, with revenue of 66.5 billion in 2019 and exporting 58% of their production worldwide. Because it is also one of the industrial sectors with the highest projected growth globally, it attracts much foreign investment

This "Investing in Chemicals, Investing in Spain" report, produced by FEIQUE (Spanish Chemical Industry Federation) in collaboration with ICEX-Invest in Spain, describes the potential and international position, and the competitive advantages, of the Spanish Chemicals Industry. The report analyzes some of the key competitive advantages of the Spanish chemical sector, and the reasons for its high level of internationalization and why it appeals to new investors: its production capacity and industrial tradition, access to markets, available specialized logistics, the high productivity of the sector and qualification of its human resources, plus the companies' focus on international expansion.