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Key industries (sectors)

Automotive industry

Castilla-León is an important European region in the automotive industry and plays a crucial role nationwide, both in quantity and quality. More than 20% of domestically produced vehicles are manufactured in Castilla-León, which has some of the most productive automotive plants in Europe and in Spain.

Castilla-León also has several automotive supplier parks where different tiers of the world’s leading and most powerful auto companies have laid out a map of every level of the automotive industry.

Agri-food industry

This region ranks third nationwide in the agri-food industry, in number of companies and turnover, which is around 10% of the national total, thereby confirming that it is a major player in agri-food, especially in the meat, dairy and animal feed industries. Castilla-León also has around 65 officially recognized Designations of Origin, Protected Geographic Indications, Trademark Guarantees and Quality Wines that assert its goal for excellence in agricultural products.

Major international agri-food corporations in Castilla-Leon, along with highly specialized local companies focused on innovation and adapting to the market, create a powerful value chain that makes the region an ideal agri-food hub for investments.

Chemical-pharmaceutical industry

The chemical-pharmaceutical industry is a major business activity in Castilla-León, a region recognized as a leader in this field. The region has excellent innovation support infrastructures that provide the material and human resources needed to execute high value-added projects in the chemical industry, largely due to the industry’s long- standing and significant achievements in the region.

A wide network of suppliers and clients has helped build a powerful and innovative industry, leading in all market segments, and promoting the arrival and continued presence of prominent multinational companies in the region.

Energy industry

Castilla-León is the Spanish region that produces most of the nation’s energy, 12% of the total which, when compared to what it consumes internally, supports marketing its production outside of the region. Energy diversification and the clear commitment of the region to develop renewable energy is evident. Thanks to its resources, Castilla-Leon ranks among the top regions in Spain in generation and use of wind, solar and hydropower. Electricity generated from renewable energy sources in Castilla-León is on average, 135% of its electricity consumption.

More than 13% of total installed power in Spain is in Castilla-Leon, the region that produces the most wind and hydroelectric power. The data signals the fundamental importance of the region of Castilla-León in the generation of electricity in Spain from renewable energy sources.

Industrial and related industries


Castilla-León has a broad and diversified industrial framework, in which light and medium industry are known for their reliability, competitiveness and innovation. Related industries like engineering, parts manufacturing, raw materials, etc. consider it an ideal region in which to establish and grow, since the importance of the sector has produced a dense network of clients and suppliers that comprise a first-rate industrial structure.

Industries such as agricultural machinery and containers and packaging have a long-established tradition in Castilla-León and a highly distinguished reputation both nationally and internationally.