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Reasons to invest

1 Location and infractrustures

Castilla-León’s strategic location in the central northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, along with its multiple borders – it shares its boundaries with the largest number of other Spanish regions as well as Portugal – and its proximity to major ports and logistics hubs, makes it the perfect place to serve national and international markets. This location also benefits from a modern, efficient, and expansive communications network of cost-free expressways and highways, and an integral railway system with high-speed lines that connect the region with Madrid in just 20 minutes.

2 Abundance of available industrial land

As the largest region in Spain and second largest in Europe, access to available land is evident. Approximately 400 industrial estates in the region offer a range of options for settling in, all with the guarantee of having modern and efficient equipment and infrastructure. This ample network of industrial land allows for competitive prices in all instances. Castilla-León has several leading technology parks for more advanced R&D projects and their technical load. All this means that any investment project, regardless of its nature, has a perfect location in Castilla-León.

3 Human resources

The level of education in Castilla-León is equal to that of the most advanced countries in the world, as the PISA report repeatedly shows. This, together with a system that pursues excellence in all phases of education, and a professional training program for companies and workers that is as progressive as it is effective, is an ideal environment for human resources. Employee turnover in companies in the region is among the lowest in Spain, proof of worker commitment and understanding of business projects, and key to achieving growth in the region, for its citizens and companies.

4 Social peace

It is impossible to speak about commitment and unity between business owners and workers without mentioning social peace, which in Castilla-León is a hallmark of the prevailing labor climate in the region. Social dialogue in Castilla-León is embraced by all social classes and is of such importance that it is the only region in Spain that includes it in its statutes. This brings to investment projects loyalty, security and the firm commitment of all parties involved – workers, employers, and institutions – to ensure ongoing success.

5 Quality of life

The Human Development Indices give Castilla -Leon high scores for its excellent quality of life. In terms of public security, cost of living, the size of its cities, abundant green spaces, and healthy environments, as well as services and infrastructures, Castilla-León is the ideal place to undertake any project. Its varied and renowned gastronomy, ample cultural offerings, and historic heritage – half of Spain's historic heritage is in Castilla-León –all make this region a perfect place to live and work.