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Key industries

Textile industry

37% of Galicia's GDP.


Galicia leads this industry in Spain. Synonymous with quality and design, always at the forefront of the fashion world’s latest trends, it is clearly an international benchmark with brands like INDITEX, Roberto Verino, Bimba y Lola, and Carolina Herrera.


Textile and fashion are strategically combined with advanced production technologies and efficient distribution networks worldwide that allow the industry to respond immediately to market trends and demands.

Automotive industry

14% of Galicia's GDP.


Its export capacity, innovative nature, and the large spare parts industry it produced make this one of the most important and dynamic industries in Galicia. The PSA Citroën Peugeot Group plant is at its core.


Galicia is the third largest production hub in Spain, only behind Catalonia and Castilla-León. There are more than 100 spare parts manufacturers and service providers.

The Galician Automotive Cluster– CEAGA – accounts for 100% of the industry’s value chain in Galicia. It fosters industry growth and competitiveness in Galicia and promotes high impact collaboration projects between companies within the industry.


The Galician Automotive Technology Center – CTAG - contributes to improving the competitiveness of automotive companies by incorporating new technologies and promoting development, research, and innovative technology.

Food industry

10% of Galicia's GDP.


Over 2,500 companies, the majority with an international presence. A leading canning industry in Europe and the world.


Galicia is an international benchmark in the agri-food, canning, agricultural production, and dairy industries, as well as fishing, shell-fishing, and aquaculture.


SMEs form the business framework of the region and are backed by a cluster that contributes to the food industry’s competitiveness. Likewise, a series of technology hubs specializing in agri-food, seafood processing and canning, dairy products, meat, and food quality, represent the power of innovation.

Shipbuilding industry

5% of Galicia's GDP.


The shipbuilding industry in Galicia has always played an important role both in Spain and the world. It is an industry that aims to diversify its production towards sectors like offshore wind, and seeks innovation in technology and services.


In recent years, Galicia has seen an increase in orders of fishing boats, offshore platforms, luxury ocean liners and many other large ships.

The shipbuilding auxiliary sectors cover the industry’s entire value chain

In financial terms, and with full legal security, a tax lease allows companies that invest in building ships that are subsequently leased or sold to shipping lines, to assume tax credits. Investment firms lower their tax bill, shipyards receive orders and create jobs, and the shipping companies acquire less expensive boats.