GSK has 15,000 researchers working around the world

GSK has 15,000 researchers working around the world in 18 research centers, three of which are located in Spain: The Basic Research Center (BRC) and the Diseases of the Developing World (DDW) Research Center. The headquarters of GSK Spain are located in the Madrid Technology Park in Tres Cantos.


Diseases of the Developing World Drug Discovery Center (DDW)
The first Spanish research center, and one of very few in the world, devoted exclusively to the discovery of new treatments for malaria and tuberculosis. The center was set up in October 2001 and now has a workforce of 123. This research center focuses on the discovery of new active molecules that act against malaria and tuberculosis.

Basic Research Center (BRC), Molecular Discovery Research
GlaxoSmithKline’s Basic Research Center in Tres Cantos (Madrid) has a workforce of 70. This center is specialized in the identification of drugs through the employment of new testing technologies and high-performance automated processes.


GSK Spain also has a third clinical research center in Barcelona: The Barcelona Image Unit set up in 2002 to replace the demand for neuro-image clinical studies from the former Psychiatric Excellence Center of GSK.


GSK has decided to allow free access to 13,500 active ingredients, which could lead to the development of new treatments for malaria. And 60 scientists will be doing their research using the GSK infrastructure in the installations of the group in the Tres Cantos Technology Park in Madrid, which is set to become the first Open Lab. A foundation is also going to be established, with an initial investment of six million euros, for research and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.