Spain has become an essential platform for DHL enabling entry into the Latin American markets for its entire network

DHL is a multinational in the logistics and transport sector, which has belonged to the Deutsche Post DHL group since 2003, when the German group brought all its urgent dispatches and logistics activities together under the internationally renowned trademark DHL.


In Spain, DHL is the result of the integration of Danzas, Guipuzcoana Euro Express, DHL Worldwide Express, and the Exel company, which brought the integration process to a close in 2006. These companies made way for the new organization of DHL and its divisions in Spain: DHL Express, DHL Freight, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain.


DHL Express Iberia has more than 2500 employees in Spain divided between 82 centers all around the peninsula. The company provides a wide ranging national and international offering of express transport products and services and business packaging.


DHL Express grew faster than the market during the 2006 – 2008 expansion period. Nevertheless, from the last quarter of 2008 to the beginning of the international crisis its growth rate fell in the Spanish market.


From the beginning of 2010, the dynamics of the urgent messaging international market changed. Spanish manufacturing companies are now looking further afield for sources of growth not available to them in the Spanish market. DHL Express Iberia is therefore growing in the sector as the result of progressive increases in exports from Spain.


DHL feels road and airport transport infrastructures have improved significantly over the last decade in Spain and are now on a par with all the other countries in its vicinity.


The company also has a very positive opinion of technological infrastructures. The access to and development of more reliable data lines with an increased capacity and speed has been vital to its business. DHL has developed its urgent messaging activities in Spain to a level that enables the same services to be offered with similar levels of flexibility and speed as in any other country in its vicinity.


What is more, Spain has become an essential platform for DHL enabling entry into the Latin American markets for its entire network. DHL Spain is slowly but surely becoming DHL’s connection hub across the whole of Latin America. Numerous daily air connections with the Latin American countries and the privileged geographical location of Spain as regards America have turned DHL Spain into one of the main points of connection of the company with Latin America internationally.


DHL also sees the international expansion of Spanish companies accelerated by the internal demand situation and the recovery of the main countries purchasing Spanish products as a major business opportunity. Spanish SMEs are already playing a very active role in the export of technological innovation and renewable energies.