Celgene is currently among the top 5 bio-technology companies in the world

Celgene is a US multinational biopharmaceutical company. It is currently among the top 5 bio-technology companies in the world. By market capitalization, the company is in third spot for biopharmaceuticals worldwide.


The company set up Celgene Spain, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Celgene Corporation, in 2006. In addition to the sale of its products, Celgene Spain will carry out extensive clinical trials of potential new substances from the portfolio of Celgene products. The company already has 74 employees working in Spain.


The CITRE (Celgene Institute for Translational Research Europe) will be located in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park in Seville, Spain. This is Celgene’s first company exclusively devoted to R&D and Innovation located outside the United States. The company is set to make an investment worth 45 million euros in advanced therapies and regenerative medicine during the center’s first three years, and it will employ a minimum of 30 high-level scientific-technical specialists from Spain and around the world.


One of the main hallmarks of the company is the intensity of its research activity. Over the last five years, it has invested more than 40% of its income in research and development areas. The figure amounts to more than double the average for the sector.