INTERVIEW WITH JUAN JOSÉ ALERT, Director of Fujitsu Banking

Why has Spain been chosen for your new Global Excellence Centre?

Fujitsu has been collaborating with financial entities in Spain for over 40 years now, developing technological solutions that have enabled innovation in commercial banking sales channels. Historically, Fujitsu came to Spain with systems and mainframe solutions for bank channels. The first automatic telling machine, which had been made in Japan, was sold back in 1982. In 1984 production of the telling machines for Spanish banks was transferred to the Fujitsu plant in Malaga.


The Centre of Excellence for bank office and automatic telling machine solutions is, without a doubt, the result of a long line of successes in Spain, which has enabled us to bring all of our knowledge to bear on these two channels and to design efficient service models and innovative solutions based on best practice, able to respond to the banks’ demands to bring their financial products closer to their clients by means of a good service, while at the same time seeking a positive experience.


We must not lose sight of the fact that Spanish banking represents a worldwide benchmark in terms of competitiveness and technological innovation, a fact duly attested to by the acknowledgements it has received from international bodies.


This explains why Fujitsu chose Spain as the host country for its first Centre of Excellence (CoE) exclusively devoted to the banking sector and aiming to serve Europe as a whole. At present, 29% of the telling machines in Spain are made by Fujitsu, 1 out of every 3 operates with a Fujitsu-developed user application, and over 37% use our middleware platform.


What investment can we expect?

Just this year Fujitsu has made a huge investment involving the transfer of the Services Centre where the CoE is based to a 3,648 m2 building in Cornellá de Llobregat. This room space has enabled us to join together each one of the areas to be covered by the Centre of Excellence and to size the Centre to accommodate new services that are currently being contracted.


The CoE is the focal point for infrastructure maintenance services and their management.


This is the service in which the biggest investment has been made with a view to achieving better response time ratios, which in turn leads to a better quality service that banks can provide their customers: we have developed the different CoE work tools to endow our infrastructure management services with a greater range. An example of this is the new screening solution, which avoids sending a technician out on those incidents where it is not necessary, thus considerably reducing service costs for banks.


The investments scheduled for this financial year include the development of some telling machine model prototypes, adapted to a highly competitive market and one that is extremely concerned about its spending.


Do you expect to increase your staff in Spain as a result of this new centre?
The Centre of Excellence is completed with a highly qualified staff of 200 people, which enables us to ensure maximum efficiency in our solutions and quality in the services contracted. This number is expected to increase in line with business demands.


How many people does Fujitsu employ in Spain at present? What are Fujitsu’s main plans for Spain in the medium and long term?

At present we have 1,800 employees in Spain. Our plan is to continue helping our clients develop their business and become more efficient. Technology is no longer just a means to be more competitive as a result of the efficiency and flexibility it affords organisations; it is the lever that is changing our world, it is a driving force for growth, the dynamic thrust of the economy and society, and it is, in itself, the essence of new businesses.


Public and private organisations are feeling the pressing need for transformation, to re-invent themselves, to do things in other ways, and our aim is to accompany them in this profound transformation, which, though complex, is at the same time full of opportunities.


Could you give us a general outline of Fujitsu’s history in Spain? For example, the year it set up here, its sphere of activity, its development.


We are truly delighted to be celebrating 40 years in Spain this year. Moreover, it coincides with the celebration of 400 years of relations between Japan and Spain. Since we set up here in 1973 we have distinguished ourselves by means of our profound integration into this country, studying its peculiarities with a view to offering our clients the best technology thanks to our belonging to the Fujitsu Group, albeit adapting it to each sector and to what each client needs for its particular business activity. Throughout this time, we have been able to consolidate a firm presence in markets such as Public Administration, Private and Financial Sectors, Large Accounts and to develop the channel to reach SMEs.