The company came to Spain in 2009, the year that saw the opening of 13 stores. Currently it has 45

How do you rate the Spanish electronics distribution sector in which Worten is competing?

Worten’s arrival in Spain coincided with a difficult economic situation and the company has maintained steady growth right up to the present moment, in which we are perceiving some improvement. Furthermore, according to the Global Study of Consumer Confidence, prepared by the consulting firm Nielsen, the confidence of the Spanish populace as a catalyst for consumption grew again in the second quarter of 2015. According to these data, the consumer confidence index gained nine points in the first half of the year, going from 63 to 72. The distribution market in Spain is highly dynamic, with heavy competition characterized by two key aspects: to offer a unique service and to have the best price. In this framework, at Worten we are convinced that we have a great opportunity for growth. We have launched a new brand image and a value proposition focused on six major commitments, including a best price guarantee, offering the best technology to our customers, bringing them expert advice and approachable, certified after-sales service. It is no coincidence that we are the only firm that has its own certification in this area. Consistently, our philosophy of “Technology for all” aims to convey to the public that we are a much more innovative, approachable, personal and modern company. Customers are increasingly demanding, better informed and need easy access to the most innovative products that can cater to their needs, and this is one of our goals.


Why did you decide to invest in Spain?
Spain is a very important market for the Sonae group in its strategy of international expansion and, of course, also for Worten. The company came to Spain in 2009, the year that saw the opening of 13 stores. Today, after more than six years of activity, we have 45 and we are making a major investment effort to continue to grow sustainably. Specifically, a multi-channel approach is a big focus of our development to which we have devoted over €15 million, in order to offer customers more opportunities to purchase our products either in physical form in stores or through


How many jobs have been created by your establishment in Spain?
Today, Sonae, Worten’s parent company, has more than 40,000 employees in 68 countries, of which over 2,500 are in Spain. Worten has more than 1,000 employees. In 2015, the group is planning to invest more than €50 million in the opening of stores and the implementation of new concepts. About half of that will go to Spain.


What is the new investment plan that has been designed for Spain?
Our goal is to grow sustainably while increasing our visibility and recognition in Spain in order to improve our position. This challenge is embodied in an expansion plan that we will be developing up until 2019. We aim to achieve it by differentiating ourselves, offering a much more approachable service to customers, as well as really competitive prices. We are making a major investment effort that includes new store openings by 2016. It also includes unique remodeling of spaces, in order to be more attractive and truly differentiated, the implementation of new processes and projects, and a significant investment in our commitment to a multi-channel approach. In addition to the new spaces, the renovation of our existing stores is constant. In this process we will continue to work on reaching all the stores gradually.


How has Worten evolved since the launch of its online store?
E-commerce has registered significant growth in Spain in 2015. In particular, it has grown steadily in the retail sector, a trend that is likely to continue. At Worten not only do we see our online channel as a point-of-sale, it is also a showcase for our company on the Internet, which speaks volumes about the importance of our multi-channel strategy. It is no coincidence that 30% of customers in our stores claim to have previously visited On our website, where our sales have grown by 200% compared to 2014 in the first six months of the year, we will be implementing further improvements, such as the redesign of the online platform. Currently, the website offers 5,000 different products with the aim of reaching 6,000 soon and tripling that number in the medium term. In any case, 2015 has been a year full of changes in the digital business for Worten.


Do you have more projects for the future in Spain?
This year we will become much more recognizable, since we are the official supplier of technology distribution and appliances to La Liga for the 2015-16 season. This initiative will allow us to be present in millions of homes through football and sport. Also, as I mentioned earlier, you will soon be able to see the new website that we are about to launch, which will have a much more attractive design that is consistent with the latest technology and will offer customers a wider range of possibilities. In addition, we are currently preparing an extensive sales campaign for Black Friday and the Christmas season, crucial periods for us in which we aim to make great deals available to customers at the best price.