Hartmann invested €3 million in its Mataró factory in 2015, and will increase its headcount by 10% over three years

When did Hartmann start investing in Spain?

In 1988 Hartmann bought Laboratorios Unitex, a manufacturer of plaster strips founded in Mataró, Barcelona in 1934. In 1995, Hartmann created its current industrial unit, which includes the company's corporate headquarters in Spain and its global Competence Center for Development and Manufacturing. This is the Group's only production plant dedicated to the manufacture of such renowned products as its Tiritas plaster strips and Cosmopor and Omnifix dressings. Hartmann Spain currently comprises two companies: Laboratorios Hartmann SA, responsible for marketing and distribution of healthcare products and solutions, and Paul Hartmann SA, which is its development and production center for dressings and the home of its most famous product: Tiritas plaster strips.


How important is Spain for your company?
Hartmann has always been firmly committed to the Spanish market, which is currently the Group's fifth largest. We also coordinate the French, Portuguese, Moroccan, Algerian and north-west African markets from Spain. The Hartmann Group's Spanish corporate headquarters are in Mataró, which is also home to the Competence Center for Development and Manufacturing: it is the only plant dedicated to the production of some of our most important products. 90% of the plant's output is exported worldwide.


What infrastructure do you have there?
The Mataró factory includes a pilot plant equipped with the latest technology for applying hypoallergenic synthetic and acrylic adhesives to all types of surfaces (fabrics, polyurethane, polyethylene, silk, and so on) for use in the manufacture of dressings and plasters.


What investments have you made in Spain recently, and how many jobs have you created?
We invested more than €3 million in increasing the capacity of our production plan in Mataró in 2015, with a new line for post-surgical dressings. We expect this investment to result in a 10% increase in our headcount over the next three years. We currently employ more than 300 people in Spain, and over 10,000 worldwide.


What sets you apart from your competitors in Spain?
Hartmann doesn't just make products: we support pharmacists and healthcare professionals. We regard them as key agents in managing healthcare in the community. That is why we offer them training and management resources, so they can establish themselves as the focal point for providing care to the public.


What is your position in your sector?
Hartmann is a German multinational. We are leaders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Our objective is to provide healthcare to the world: to pharmacies, hospitals and homes, and also to the end user. We are active in more than 35 countries, with turnover of €1.941 billion in 2015. Our Spanish subsidiary is the fifth biggest worldwide.