The electrical equipment manufacturer currently employs over 170 people in Spain

What are the origins of WEG?

WEG Iberia is the Spanish subsidiary of the WEG group, the multinational manufacturer of electrical equipment present in 29 countries with its own subsidiary. We also have a network of distributors, representatives and technical services in 135 countries that ensures we are able to serve our customers practically anywhere in the world. The origin of the WEG group dates from September 1961, when the company was set up from scratch by its three founders. It currently has a workforce of over 31,000 employees and over 35 factories worldwide. The corporate center is located in Jaragua do Sul, in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

When and why did WEG decide to open a subsidiary in Spain?
WEG became established in Spain with the creation of WEG Iberia in 1998, as part of its worldwide expansion plan. The main offices are currently located in Coslada, 15 kilometers from the center of Madrid, and they have a buffer warehouse of over 6,000 square meters capable of supplying the demands and planning needs of its customers in Spain. We also have trade delegations in Barcelona, Bilbao and Seville. The decision to locate in Spain was taken 18 years ago, due to its significant potential in manufacturers and installers.

What investment have you made so far in our country?
If we start at the beginning, we can see that WEG Iberia has been growing slowly but surely throughout this whole period, weathering the tough times during the crisis in Spain thanks to its agility in adapting to the requirements of national customers and to the possibility of coordinating and supplying via teams at both the national and international level. The acquisition of Autrial, a leading manufacturer of electrical control panels located in Valencia, is a significant milestone. This will lead to considerable synergies with the regular product ranges and enable us to take part in projects with families in which we were somewhat deficient in the European market. We'll be able to serve projects worldwide with European production from this new factory, and complement our current production from America. At the moment, we have over 170 people in the two companies (WEG and Autrial) in Spain.


What role does Spain play in the company?
For WEG, Spain occupies an important place within the organization because of its major equipment manufacturing companies and the availability of numerous world-renowned EPC specialists (professionals offering engineering, procurement and construction) whose decision-making centers are based here. The significant presence of Spanish companies distributed around the world creates a need for local interlocutors when providing support and helping them in their current expansion processes.


What projects do you have in Spain now and for the future?
WEG is involved in a wide range of projects for which it supplies motors, variators, reducers and other types of electrical equipment to machinery manufacturers and installers for projects in any part of the world, in compliance with international regulations. The incorporation of Autrial and other companies in the group means we can be a great partner to them, given our solid commitment to support and our long-standing presence in the market.


What positioning do you have in the Spanish market?
We currently have an excellent positioning, and we're among the leaders in terms of quality and the capability and variety of the equipment we can supply. It's worth noting that the group has only been in existence and present in Spain for a short time compared to our competition, so its growth is very significant. This is a highly competitive sector and we must always pay close attention to the customers' needs. Some of the features that set us apart are our storage capacity, and our parametrization and flexibility for meeting special demands from each customer and complying with machinery and project specifications. I should also mention the possibility of after-sales support anywhere in the world, a very important point that is increasingly highly valued.