Leroy Merlin plans to invest 608 million euros and create 4,000 direct jobs through to 2021

What role does Spain play in the company?

Leroy Merlin's arrival in Spain in 1989 was the first international experience for ADEO, the group that owns the company. Since then we have been evolving and growing until we are now the third largest ADEO brand worldwide. This is why Leroy Merlin Spain is a surefire future commitment for the group.


What approximate investment and how many jobs do you expect to create in the coming years?
Last July Leroy Merlin opened a new store in Vigo, and it plans to open another point of sale in Murcia at the end of this year. What's more, within its 2017-2021 expansion plan, the company will open 31 new points of sale, which will represent the creation of almost 4,000 direct and approximately 1,500 indirect jobs, and an investment of approximately 608 million euros.


What other projects do you have in Spain?
The city center initiative is part of the 2017-2021 expansion plan, and a result of the way we're constantly listening to the changing demands of the consumer here at Leroy Merlin, and they were asking us to be geographically closer. The company plans to invest approximately five million euros in the store in the center of Madrid, which will mean the creation of approximately 70 new direct and 30 indirect jobs. The store in the center of Barcelona will also have an investment of five million euros approximately and is expected to create 60 new direct jobs. The company's intention is to look for other locations in the centre of other cities in Spain.


What sets you apart from your competitors?
Our leadership in the sector is based on four pillars: a solvent and responsible financial model, a motivated and skilled team, high quality in an innovative range of products, and a thorough transformation and adaptation to the Spanish market. All this with a clear strategic focus: to continually improve our clients' experience. In the new competitive environment it is clearly the consumer who sets the rules of the game. Companies must adapt to the requirements of a consumer who is increasingly informed and discerning, and has more options to choose from. In our case, we work hard to offer the most suitable range on the market, which implies covering the greatest number of possible needs. We always offer the client good availability and the best price/quality ratio on the market, with good support throughout the whole of the purchasing cycle and product use. The key lies in offering differential solutions and experiences that the client values.