BSD arrived in Spain from Mexico in 2010 with a team of 10 to offer services in the software quality area. Today it has a workforce of 80

What are the origins of BSD ENTERPRISE?

BSD ENTERPRISE (BSD) is an international Information Technology company of Mexican origin. It offers a creative and dynamic proposition that provides business growth solutions through quality, consulting and the development of systems with a recent focus on products and solutions developed internally to support the digital transformation of companies in the mobile environment (apps).

It has more than 1,800 employees, with offices in Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Querétaro and Saltillo), the United States (Austin and Houston, Texas), San José de Costa Rica, Santiago de Chile and Madrid, Spain.

BSD arrived in Spain in 2010 with a clear focus on providing services in the area of software quality. In a very short time it became a key partner for companies and multinational clients in the financial and insurance sector, in developing their quality assurance and software testing practices.


Why did BSD expand its business to Spain?
The idea of expanding the business to Spain arose as a need of one of our multinational clients based in Spain, which needed us here. We could say that it was our first client, our "anchor client", and that was when we set up our Spanish subsidiary.

When we arrived we wanted to establish ourselves and consolidate our deployment as a company of Mexican origin entering Spain, so we joined the TechBA program, an international accelerator of technology-based companies. We also had the support and advice of GDP/Consultores on how to set up a company and deal with issues related to taxation, the law, accounting and migration.

Subsequently, at the close of 2012, we moved our offices to floor 21 of the Torre de Cristal, one of the four towers in Madrid's most iconic and modern business zone.


What presence does BSD have in Spain?
BSD arrived in Spain with a team of ten Mexicans. At the present time, BSD Spain has a workforce of 80, of whom only 3 are Mexicans.


After Madrid, is BSD planning to expand to other Spanish cities?
Our expansion strategy depends on satisfying the service requirements of our clients. So we are open to grow where our clients need us. Right now, for example, we have a significant number of workers in Alicante. Our challenge is to continue to make us better known in the Spanish market, beyond our current clients.


What importance does Spain have for your strategy?
At the present time, Spain is the only country in Europe where we have established ourselves. We have detected that we still have a great room for growth in this market. With respect to the relative weight of our business, Spain is one of the most important BSD subsidiaries outside Mexico.


What are the main sectors and clients for which you work?
We're proud to work for big multinational clients in the banking and insurance, telecommunications, installations, manufacturing and services sectors, with companies in the IT sector, and with Spanish government agencies through temporary joint ventures in which the BSD forms a very important part.