During 2020, ten new employees joined the Toledo factory, which received investments worth over €300,000. Fekri Zainoba, CEO of Oskri Organics

Oskri was established in Wisconsin (United States) in 1999, specializing in the production of healthy snack bars prepared with natural ingredients, such as premium-quality dried fruit, nuts and seeds. In its over 20 years of experience, it has carved out a place among the top ten quality snack manufacturers in the world, and today exports to 120 countries.


In 2018, Oskri Organics invested €1 million to build a factory in Toledo, as required to cater to the growing demand for its products in Europe. In addition to its aim of caring for the consumers' health, its careful work of design and communication has been a key part of its growth in the market. According to Fekri Zainoba, CEO of Oskri Organics, the company uses top-quality ingredients: "our processes are very straightforward and involve no additives, preservatives or added sugar, and our products are also organic, gluten-free and vegan."


Over the last year, a new production line was opened in the Toledo factory, entering a new niche market - industrial production.


What is the purpose of the new business line?
After we established our company in Spain, we studied the market in detail, finding many players in the industrial bakery, pastry-making and ice cream-making industry. This led us to open this new production line for walnut, almond and peanut spreads to supply manufacturers with 1, 6, 10 and 20 kg containers. We also brought new machinery to package the spreads in single 32 g sachets for restaurants and hotels. This led to investments worth over €300,000 and ten new specialized professionals joining the production team.


What was Oskri's objective when it was established in Spain?
Oskri is starting production in Toledo to cover the high demand from international markets in central Europe, Asia and the Middle East – among others – in order to cut costs in the end product, such as for raw materials, transport and importing. This will allow us to offer a fresh product, working on a just-in-time basis, that is, driven by orders rather than stock, so we can monitor the quality of the product and enter into new markets.


Why did you choose Gerindote, Toledo, to set up your factory?
In the first place, we chose Toledo because Castile-La Mancha is a key location, due to the large volume of organic raw material available. Another reason is that Gerindote, located 90 km from Madrid, is in the perfect place for distributing our products across Europe. Another important factor for us was the availability of a skilled workforce, thanks to its experience in the marzipan industry. And finally, the Spain brand also attracted us as it is an internationally recognized symbol of quality.


What infrastructures do you have in Toledo?
Our facilities a floor surface area of over 1,300 m² and consist of an industrial unit, two loading docks, two temperature-controlled cold stores for chocolate, and an end product warehouse with capacity for 50 pallets, fully equipped for the manufacturing and distribution of our products to markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our most recent investments have been an automated line for our coconut and fruit bars, two chocolate lines (dark and milk), one automated production line for nut butters and two automated packaging systems.


How has the company performed since it was established in Spain?
We have grown incrementally in the domestic market through specialized health food stores and by negotiating with large supermarket and hypermarket chains, including new specialized products for each market. We currently export 80% of our production.


How important is Spain for Oskri's strategy?
From Spain, we supply to different countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Korea and Japan, which are key strategic markets for Oskri.


You distribute to the retailers. Do you also reach the end customer?

Yes, we are creating the website www.ammanatural.com, which will be ready in a few months, where we will announce special offers, so we can reach the end consumers directly.


What projects do you currently have underway and what are the upcoming challenges?
Our aim at the moment is to grow in the domestic market, positioning the Oskri brand as a healthy product. We are also continuing to work on innovating specialized products for each market, and on expanding and opening in new countries. We want to create a brand that is recognized throughout the industry and competitive in international markets.