Bial has donated climatized vans for delivering medicines from hospitals to patients' homes during the pandemic crisis. The Spanish subsidiary was created in 1998, and in 2011 it launched a new plant in Vizcaya with facilities for R&D

The need for the Spanish population to self-confine as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has posed a challenge for companies in all sectors. Many have come up with initiatives that have proved very effective. This is the case of the Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial, which, in collaboration with the distributor Logista Pharma, has been helping deliver medicines to patients quarantined in their homes during this stage to avoid exposure to the infection.


The two companies decided to pool their resources to guarantee the delivery of medicines which, on an exceptional basis, the hospitals needed to send to patients' homes. Bial's contribution consisted of supplying several vans to use for these deliveries.


Guaranteeing care in patients' homes

There are many patients whose medical history makes it advisable for them to remain at home during the coronavirus healthcare crisis. Moving them to a hospital would put them at risk of becoming exposed to possible sources of contagion. This risk is particularly serious when the immune system is affected by another ailment that makes them more vulnerable.


According to Ana Álvarez, general director of Bial in Spain, the company wanted to “help improve this situation by joining forces and guaranteeing care in the home for the population at risk. Bial has reached out to take part in this important initiative for the fight against coronavirus and for the care of its patients' health”.


Adapted vehicles
Faced with the initial difficulty of making sure these patients had access to the medication prescribed in the hospital and normally supplied on the hospital premises, Logista Pharma decided to set up this initiative, and shortly after received the firm support of Bial.

This provided the hospitals' pharmaceutical services with vehicles that were adapted to their needs, with temperature control, telephone service, traceability of the route, GPS tracking, specially adapted packaging, and guaranteed compliance with quality standards.


The initiative consists of a service whereby the medicines are collected from the hospital pharmacies and delivered to the patients' homes, thus eliminating the need to interrupt the treatment. Bial has provided vans for hospitals in several Spanish and Portuguese cities.


Research and development
Bial was founded in Portugal in 1924. In 1993 it began its research and development activities with the aim of offering therapeutic solutions. The company's commitment to therapeutic innovation can be seen in its investment of over 20% of its annual turnover in R&D in the areas of neuroscience and the cardiovascular system.


Bial España was set up in 1998 when the parent company acquired Ifidesa Aristegui, headquartered in Bilbao. In 2012 it opened a new factory in the Zamudio Technology Park (Vizcaya), which had previously begun producing vaccinations and diagnostic methods late the previous year. It also conducts some of its R&D activities in these facilities.


Also in 2012, Bial España grew thanks to the acquisition of a business unit in the Juste group. The Spanish subsidiary currently focuses on the area of neurology, internal medicine, cardiology and women's health, although it also steps up to offer much-needed help for overcoming an emergency situation at times like the present.