Altran España has been engaged in the fight against the pandemic with six projects featuring the voluntary collaboration of 300 employees. The multinational has recently become part of the Capgemini Group, also financed with French capital

The Altran Foundation for Innovation, headquartered in Spain, has launched six projects with which it is actively contributing to the fight against COVID-19. These initiatives are designed to help the most vulnerable groups in the population, and are carried out with the voluntary participation of over 300 employees of Altran España.


The six initiatives run by the French company are very varied, and always within the professional competencies of its employees: manufacturing medical supplies with 3D printing, research into technological applications to detect or predict coronavirus, support for the elderly, donating technological material, and creating online educational and training pills.

Collaboration between entities

“The common aim of these initiatives is to improve the working conditions of medical professionals, the elderly, children at risk of social exclusion and the foundations working to help the most vulnerable groups”, explains Luis Abad, CEO of Altran España and the Foundation's chairman. All these activities are being developed in collaboration with entities who can ensure they impact the target groups.


The flagship project is the printing of medical supplies thanks to 70 volunteers in Altran's facilities in Madrid, Cadiz, Seville Barcelona. The more than 300 protective screens they produce every day have been sent primarily to hospitals and care homes. They have been supported in the production process by partners such as Navantia in Cadiz, and the regional governments collaborate in their distribution.


Detection and prevention
Another two technology-based initiatives, in line with the company's DNA, involve working in collaboration with doctors and researchers to detect and prevent COVID-19. The first consists of a machine-learning model that can detect infection in a patient through X-ray images, and the other aims to improve the management of the disease by using data analytics and predictive mathematical models.


The French multinational Altran specialises in technological consulting in a range of sectors, including particularly telecommunications and media, industry, and the rail and aeronautics sectors. In its work it leverages all the latest technologies such as the cloud, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 5G. Established in France in 1982, it came to Spain in 1992 and this year has taken a new step forward with its integration in the Caggemini Group.


“This merger with Capgemini is a turning point in the history of Altran, creating the world leader in the intelligent industry to champion the digital transformation of companies. This is a crucial step in the development of our company" says Dominique Cerutti, chairman and CEO of Altran.