It has opened branches across Spain to increase its customer base, which is now spread over more than 4,000 municipalities

Maggioli is a leading in digital transformation of companies and public administrations in Italy. For the last four years it has been expanding in Spain, where 4,000 municipalities now benefit from its technological solutions. Nobody could have predicted such a future for this family business when it was founded, nearly 120 years ago, in a world that was totally analogical.


Maggioli arrived in Spain by taking over the Canarian company Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios in 2016, and grew further through the acquisition of two other companies in 2019. Amalia Maggioli, Vice-president of ATM Grupo Maggioli, stresses that our country is very relevant to their strategy, and thanks ICEX for their support for their entry into Latin America.


How has the Maggioli Group handled its digital transformation to achieve its current market position?
The motto "Innovators by tradition" faithfully reflects the group's entrepreneurial spirit and organizational culture. We believe in constant innovation to meet the challenges of the future, hence our focus on digital transformation. This is the key to our leading position in the Italian market and the growth and integration of the international market. Over the past 120 years, we have gradually established an international group that can provide products and services to all areas of public administrations, as well as enterprises and self-employed people. Everything we have achieved is the result of my father's vision, and, before him, my grandfather's. It was my grandfather who started by supplying benches to schools, then he moved into publishing (paper and digital), IT and services such as consultancy, training, income and culture management and land development. For four generations we have been a family company that has built its business out of its passions, knowledge and technology, to meet the needs of a constantly changing market which, now more than ever before, needs the support of a reliable partner. And every day we go about this task with a team of over 2000 people.


How did you arrive in Spain?
We moved into the Spanish market in 2016, thanks to the acquisition of Galileo Engineering and Services, which has been working in the Canary Islands and Latin America for more than 30 years. It is a dynamic company which, through its projects, is leading the way in the modernization of management systems for public administration. Galileo Iys has provided the group with experience and products that can make a difference in the Spanish market, such as the transparency portal, electronic headquarters, asset inventory and the new web platform for managing the population and the streets of each municipality. In 2019 we bought AtmDos and Infaplic, which today is ATM Grupo Maggioli (presently being merged with Galileo), a company which is a leader for Spanish local authorities. It offers a broad range of products and services, from the development of management software, specifically for local authorities, to a publishing house specializing in tenders and legal texts, consultancy, training and particular experience in the fields of tax collection, management and control.


Has the level of employment in these companies been maintained?
Our aim has always been to consolidate and strengthen the roles and functions of the employees who are already on the ground. In recent months, despite the lockdown, we are looking at the possibility of recruiting professionals with technical and commercial profiles to improve and enhance our presence and performance.


What value did you get out of these acquisitions for setting up in Spain and for your international expansion?
It was crucial to take over the three Spanish companies to achieve the goal of internationalization. We saw Spain as the ideal country to use as a springboard, mainly because its public administration system is very similar to the Italian model, and also because in recent years Spain has invested heavily in digital public services and in the implementation of a digital strategy throughout its public administration. The Maggioli Group thanks ICEX for the support it has given us for our entry in the Latin American market through Galileo. Today, through Maggioli Latam, our goal is to become a strategic partner throughout Latin America as a whole.


How is Spain important to the company's strategy?
It is extremely important. Spain has been our first major foray into international expansion, and it is where we are and will be increasingly focusing our attention, efforts and energy, together with Latin America. We believe that investing in other countries is the best strategy to bring value, experience, products and services and indirectly grow the group in Italy as well. Another reason we chose Spain, aside from economic factors, was knowing that with ATM Grupo Maggioli and Galileo, we can propose effective solutions which are aligned with the Digital Spain Plan 2025 program for digital progress.


What are the upcoming challenges?
We have a challenging goal: to consolidate our position as the most important Spanish company developing software and services for the public administration. That is why we must invest in skills and experience. It is crucial to offer customers a complete proposal, integrating the best products and services of our companies, in order to satisfy their needs and become a leader in the Spanish market as we are in Italy. We are now growing rapidly and are opening delegations that will allow us to be closer to them.