Fourth edition

With the fourth edition, the program changed its name from Rising StartUp Spain to Rising Up in Spain. The main difference between the previous and this edition was the financial assistance of €10,000, marking a considerable improvement to the mentoring and soft-landing benefits. With its new focus, this edition attracted around 210 foreign startups to the call, which was published at the end of 2019. Applications were received from 50 countries. The geographic mix was more balanced with this edition, with the largest number of applications coming from Brazil, and representing 9.5% of the total, followed by three countries representing 7.6% of the total: Argentina, Iran and Russia. This breakdown illustrates the global reach of the program. Italy boasted the biggest share of winning companies this time, accounting for more than 25%.    

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2hire offers mobility solutions by turning all kind of vehicles into connected cars. To do that, 2hire produces a device that allows to control all vehicles by app.

Agrus Data Serviços de Agricultura Digital Ltda.|


Digital Agriculture as a Service. Its aim is to enable data-based agriculture.

Aimoto (Medical Alerta)


Aimoto is the first in Russia personal emergency response system designed as a social business project providing solutions for senior and disabled people.



Better manage your field teams and information on the streets. A tailored solution for companies with workforce placed in field.

Dtonic Corporation


Process spatio-temporal big data with Geo-Hiker, which is a spatio-temporal big data engineering platform.

Entire Digital


Entire Digital is a tech company that produces AI-powered Media Outlets and stands out as a groundbreaking innovator in the huge market of digital publishing.

GoEPIK Sistemas Industriais


Automation of repetitive tasks. Save time, cost and effort. Transformation digitally. Eliminates inefficiencies and improves company's profitability.


ITALY is an online booking platform for Tattoo parlours and PMU (Permanent makeup).



Startup that helps banks, brokers, wealth managers and other financial institutions serve their clients better with their suite of modern digital investment solutions.

Invisible Collector


Invisible Collector is a receivables relationship agent that puts creditors and debtors on the same page.

Keepers Child Safety


Keepers developed an NLP algorithm to detect emotion from texts to protect children from cyberbullying and pedophilia, helping parents protect their children from direct and undetected threats.



Latin American food-tech startup that provides hidden kitchens and creates virtual restaurant brands.



Management of all the company's mobility services in one App.

TINK. Referral as a Service


With its Referral as a Service software, this company helps you find customers who will stay loyal to your brand and help you grow it.

WeRoad S.L.


They organize group trips On the Road in more than 90 destinations around the world. They have trips all year round for people your age and with your same travel mood with whom you can discover different countries and cultures.

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