Setting up in Spain?

Rising UP in Spain is your program!

As a startup you will work hand in hand with a local partner in Spain. We help you set up and grow in Spain, while collaborating in the development of specific technological solutions 

Over the past years, the innovation ecosystem in Spain has evolved exponentially; the number of entrepreneurs, the quality of projects, the financing, and its global position.


Take part in this unique ecosystem to accelerate your startup.

Work hand in hand with companies in Spain, integrate in a new innovation ecosystem, have access to highly qualified talent and new sources of financing.

If you share this vision,

Rising Up in Spain

is your program 

can apply?

Rising UP is designed to help startups set up and grow in Spain, hand in hand with local partners.


be open to collaborative technological solutions

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Startups shall present a project to stablish in Spain

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A local partner in Spain will host the startup and develop collaborative technological solutions


Local partner in Spain: 15-nov-21 to 3-feb-22 | Startups: 3-jan-22 to 3-mar-22 | Terms of the Programme will be published shortly

Selection of startups

Startups will be evaluated by an expert panel. A selection of 50 startups will be able to sign a collaboration agreement with a local partner. The matching will be based on its complementarity to work on specific technologies and sectors.

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Validation of product. Growth potencial

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Investment prospects in Spain 

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Complementarity with local partner 


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and matching with local partners

Rising UP
in Spain

A local partner in Spain

open to collaborative innovation 

Working space

at a local partner in Spain
at least for 6 months 


support for
entrepreneur visas

Legal advice

and administrative support
for your startup in España


in media for your
technological solutions 


access to investors in Spain 


at events for startups in your sector 

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Martin Jerch

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participants in the program