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Scopely acquires the Sevillian video game company, Genjoy, a company with 150 employees
The US company is committed to Spanish talent and will continue to increase its workforce

Javier Ferreira, co-CEO of Scopely

The Maggioli Group first arrived in Spain in 2016 when it acquired Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios, a company based in the Canary Islands
It has opened branches across Spain to increase its customer base, which is now spread over more than 4,000 municipalities.

Amalia Maggioli, managing director of sales, marketing and internationalization of the Maggioli Group and vice president of ATM Grupo Maggioli

Special COVID-19 success story: Nanogetic - Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program

Nanogetic is participating in research on the pandemic with a twofold focus: diagnostics and therapeutics

The company, which is located in Granada’s Health Technology Park, was a beneficiary of grants from Invest in Spain in 2014 and 2016

Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program
Destina Genomics has requested European funding to develop a rapid and reliable test for the detection of COVID-19

The project will allow the company to increase its workforce from 10 to 25 in the Health Technology Park (PTS) in Granada
Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program
Canvax Biotech is the only company in Spain that is prepared to produce the reagents necessary for the detection of COVID-19

Since mid-March, two Madrid hospitals have been using its reagents for PCR tests on their patients
Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program
Knok Healthcare responded to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic by offering free video consultations in the primary healthcare sector

In 2017 it was selected by Rising Startup Spain, and the following year was named one of the most innovative projects by the magazine Wired

Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program
Simplicity Works's new technique for manufacturing footwear paves the way for re-locating its production in Spain

The Alicante-based company's commitment has the twofold value of investing in R&D&I and returning to local production

Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program
Bial has donated climatized vans for delivering medicines from hospitals to patients' homes during the pandemic crisis

The Spanish subsidiary was created in 1998, and in 2011 it launched a new plant in Vizcaya with facilities for R&D

Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies participating in an Invest in Spain program
Hero España has donated over 30 tons of food to help the groups most disadvantaged by the pandemic crisis

The Swiss company played a key role in supplying the population with basic food necessities

Initiatives in relation to COVID-19 by companies that have participated in an Invest in Spain program
Altran España has been engaged in the fight against the pandemic with six projects featuring the voluntary collaboration of 300 employees

The multinational has recently become part of the Capgemini Group, also financed with French capital

Oskri exports 80% of its production in Spain to strategic markets such as Germany, United Kingdom, China, Korea and Japan
The company chose Toledo as the location for its factory for several reasons, including the skilled workforce with experience in the marzipan sector

Fekri Zainoba, CEO of Oskri Organics

BASF has been in Spain now for 51 years and has over 2,400 employees in its 16 work centers
The German company invested 60 million euros in its Spanish plants in 2019

Carles Navarro, general manager of BASF Spain

Grupo Finaccess is an investment and capital management institution formed of several specialized companies. It has made an investment in the Spanish company Soltra through Finaccess Social
Soltra, a company dedicated to the integration of differently-abled people, was created 20 years ago, and since then its staff of 22 has given employment to 446 people

Javier López Casado, CEO of Finaccess Advisors

Japan Tobacco International plans to transfer its European duty-free operations to Spain and establishes its global information technology hub in Madrid
It has invested 50 million euros in its factory in Tenerife and buys tobacco leaf from Extremadura to contribute to the local economy

Tom Osborne, general manager of JTI Iberia
Alibaba has recently signed an agreement with ICEX to help Spanish companies sell their products around the world
The platform offers Spanish companies access to a market of 674 million active consumers a year in China

Alba Ruiz, head of business development at the Alibaba Group for Spain and Portugal
Satellogic has its European headquarters in Barcelona, where it plans to employ as many as 100 employees by 2020
The company has a center specializing in the development of artificial intelligence and data technology in Barcelona

Marco Bressan, Chief Product Officer of Satellogic

Eventbrite has recently launched its first European development center in Spain and its fourth worldwide
The American company reinforced its presence in Europe in 2018 with the purchase of the Spanish company Ticketea

Javier Andrés, Eventbrite's director for Spain and Portugal

MSD Spain is in first place in clinical research activities for the company in Europe, and third worldwide
The pharmaceutical company MSD invests 76 million euros a year in R&D in Spain, where it has 1,330 employees

Ángel Fernández, CEO and general manager of MSD in Spain and Portugal
ArcelorMittal has 8,605 employees in Spain and invested 135 million euros in its facilities in 2017
ArcelorMittal's economic contribution to Spain in 2017 was over 4.8 billion euros

Jesús Izcue Irigoyen, country manager of ArcelorMittal in Spain

Turismoi receives financing of over one million euros from the Axon Partners fund
The Peruvian company has moved its head office to Spain to capture international investments

Diego Arbulu, co-founder and CEO of Turismoi

Primark opens a store in Valencia and a logistical subsidiary in Guadalajara to serve Spain, Portugal and the south of France
Spain was the first Primark market outside the British Isles, and it has now opened the latest of its 357 stores here

Stephen Mullen, general manager of Primark for Spain and Portugal
BSD Enterprise is an international IT company with 1,800 employees in Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Chile and Spain
BSD arrived in Spain from Mexico in 2010 with a team of 10 to offer services in the software quality area. Today it has a workforce of 80

Edmundo Treviño, Director, BSD Enterprise Spain
The US giant P&G has almost 1,200 employees in Spain, and women make up around 52% of its workforce
P&G invests almost 170 million euros a year in purchasing supplies from Spanish suppliers

Javier Solans, general manager of P&G in Spain and Portugal
SMP employs over 1,100 people at its five factories in Spain, and has another two through a joint venture with Celulosa Fabril (Cefa)
24% of SMP's global turnover and 14% of its profits proceed from its nine Spanish plants

Andreas Heuser, Chairman of SMP Europe and Americas
Fujifilm invests 7% of its sales revenue in R&D, and its office in Spain employs 110 professionals
The multinational company has been able to adapt to the digital transformation to change from being a photograph production company to a global hi-tech company

Gustavo Caspueñas, Medical Systems Director at Fujifilm for Iberia
The French multinational has started out on its path towards the city centers. Madrid and Barcelona will each receive five million euros in investment
Leroy Merlin plans to invest 608 million euros and create 4,000 direct jobs through to 2021

Juan Sevillano, Development Director at Leroy Merlin Spain
The crowdfunding platform pioneers financing for health industry companies
Since 2015, it has raised €5.6 million and has helped finance over 15 companies

Daniel Oliver, CEO of Capital Cell
The very favorable reception it obtained on its arrival in Spain in 2011 led to the opening of its first logistics warehouse
It now has 1,000 employees and will close this year with 1,600

Andreu Castellano, Corporate Communications Manager at Amazon Spain
The new project will be developed in the factory at Montornés del Vallés for the manufacture of adhesives for the aerospace industry

Henkel invests between 25 and 40 million euros in the aerospace sector in Montornés

Pilar Cruz, Finance Director at Henkel Ibérica

Campus Madrid is a result of Google's wish to extend its network of spaces with openings in Asia, Latin America and Europe after its centers in London and Tel Aviv
The space hosts dozens of free events each week, and meetings to encourage diversity and entrepreneurship

Sofía Benjumea, Head of Campus Madrid, Google for Entrepreneurs
Present in Spain since 1963, it invests 8 million euros a year in its production plant
Lilly, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, has discovered a medication for breast cancer at its complex in Alcobendas

Teresa Millán, Corporate Affairs Director

The Brazilian construction and infrastructure company Queiroz Galvão establishes its international business hub in Madrid
The city was picked as the site of the headquarters due to its logistical and financial advantages and the opportunities to recruit skilled labor.

BioSequence retains its brand and continues to be a Spanish leader in precision oncology
BioSequence, the only center in Spain offering advanced genomic analysis for all types of cancer, has just joined the Belgian company OncoDNA
Adriana Terrádez, director of BioSequence for Spain, Portugal and Latin America
The Brazilian group WEG came to Spain in 1998 and acquired the Spanish company Autrial last September
The electrical equipment manufacturer currently employs over 170 people in Spain.

Ramón Moscoso del Prado, managing director

Ciklum, a Scandinavian IT company, foresees recruiting between 80 to 100 engineers yearly
Specialized in IT outsourcing, Ciklum moved to the Andalucía Technology Park (PTA) in Málaga further to having studied other posible locations in Spain, France and Portugal.

Svetlana Yefimova, Manager of Ciklum IT Spain
The German pharmaceutical company, which dates back to the 19th century, will manufacture three of its most famous products - including its emblematic Tiritas plasters - in Mataró.
Harmann invested €3 million in its Mataró factory in 2015, and will increase its headcount by 10% over three years.

Marc Pérez Pey, managing director of Hartmann Spain and regional vice-chairman

The French company Altran has 3,000 employees in Spain and in 2015 invested 10 million euros in R+D
The multinational provides technology consulting with special emphasis on telecommunications, industry and aeronautics

José Ramón Magarzo, CEO of Altran Spain

Costco Wholesale opened its first Spanish store in Seville in May 2014, and the second in Getafe in October 2015
Costco has already created 500 direct jobs in Spain and plans to create another 400 in the next two years.

Diane Tucci, vice-president and manager of Costco Spain
In just 15 years, Huawei has become a benchmark on the Spanish technology scene
Since its arrival in Spain, Huawei has created 1,000 direct and 1,600 indirect jobs

María Luisa Melo, Huawei's Director of Communications & Institutional Relations in Spain and Portugal

Spain was the location of the company's first European restaurant, which opened in Madrid just over 40 years ago
With 650 restaurants in Spain, Burger King generates around 18,000 jobs in the catering sector

Bianca Shen, Marketing Director of Burger King Spain
Worten this year will be investing more than €25 million in Spain, where it has more than a thousand employees
The company came to Spain in 2009, the year that saw the opening of 13 stores. Currently it has 45
Luis Hernandez, Director of Marketing and e-Commerce, Worten España

Lidl strengthens its presence in Spain
During its 20 years in Spain, the company has invested over 2.2 billion euros and employs more than 10,000 people

Supracafé, the only coffee company with its own plantation in Colombia and roaster in Spain
24.9% owned by the Colombian firm Expocafé, the company expects to announce new products in the coming months

Ricardo Oteros
Founder and CEO of Supracafé

NetApp, a US data storage and processing company, celebrates fifteen years in Spain
With over 50 employees on its payroll and presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and, soon, Seville

María José Miranda
CEO of NetApp Iberia

09|06|2015, the online private sales club
In 2014, the firm's turnover in Spain grew by 28%

Thierry Petit
CEO and cofounder of
Ryanair boasts 16% of market share in Spain, creating 28,000 jobs
The low cost airline operates from 24 airports with 11 bases and over 500 routes and 50 aircraft based in Spanish airports

Robin Kiely
Head of Communications at Ryanair

Siemens is celebrating 120 years of operations in Spain
Siemens has over 3,400 employees in Spain and three factories exporting to the entire world

Rosa María García
CEO of Siemens Spain
Lilly is once again supporting the factory in Alcobendas by transferring part of its US production
Lilly is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. May 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the company's operations in Spain
DestiNA receives €1.2 million in investment to develop a new diagnostic test for cancer and infectious diseases
ICEX-Invest in Spain supported the establishment of DestiNA in Spain through the Technology Fund
Hewlett-Packard's R&D centre is acting as a magnet for new international businesses and activities in Spain
Spain is consolidating its position as a destination for investment requiring talent and innovation

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