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  • 516 Kb  Vehicle weight reduction  (516 KB)
  • The use of lightweight materials to reduce vehicle weight, and thus the emission of polluting gases, requires the introduction of new components suppliers in the manufacturing process as well as new functionality of lighter materials. To do this, vehicle manufacturers should contact auxiliary industries that supply the automotive industry.

  • 395 Kb  Recycling of materials   (395 KB)
  • It consists of the use of recyclable or recycled materials in the manufacturing of automobiles to comply with European legislation requiring the reuse and recycling of 95% of the weight of vehicles. This opportunity involves all stakeholders: on the one hand, manufacturers of components and the assembly industry should prioritise the use of recyclable materials or invest in R+D to help the process of recycling materials and, on the other hand, the maintenance services sector, understood as being car scrappers, should increase their capabilities and resources to supply a larger market.

  • 474 Kb  Electric propulsion mechanisms   (474 KB)
  • The introduction of electricity as a means of propulsion for vehicles is one of the most viable alternatives for sustainable mobility to diversify energy sources used for transport and mobility of people. The development of new propulsion mechanisms creates great challenges at the same time as opportunities in the automotive component industry. These manufacturers must provide electric propulsion systems, which include: the electric motor and power electronics, along with the battery and the brakes' energy recovery device.

  • 473 Kb  Connected cars  (473 KB)
  • The connected car allows for the transfer of data via the Internet through an integrated communications module or other devices such as smartphones. The services that the user is aware of in a smart car are related to: road safety (eCall, stolen vehicle alert, geolocation and speed control), infotainment (internal wireless networks, multimedia content streaming , social networking connection), traffic efficiency (available parking spaces, best fuel prices, real-time traffic levels), cost reduction (monitoring of dangerous behaviour, telematic insurance management) and interactivity with the system (manufacturer call centre, remote control, payment of parking metres). The benefits and services that the internet connection allows creates a demand for it in almost all industries, such as the automotive sector. Nowadays, a very high percentage of the sector's customers choose the car based on its connectivity features rather than for the performance of the vehicle itself. This is a change in the trend as until now there had been no significant interest in connected cars, although they first appeared in the sector several years ago.

  • 565 Kb  Automatic information and location by GPS of available parking space  (565 KB)
  • The business consists in the finding and offering of parking spaces in the cities.

  • 525 Kb  Car2Car information protocol of road events, vehicle-to-vehicle communication  (525 KB)
  • Design of a communication protocol that can enable the creation of cumulative intelligence between vehicles, as a Web 2.0.

  • 541 Kb  External rear-view mirror replacement by Head up display images  (541 KB)
  • Good opportunity of commercialization, if a cheap Head-up display system is developed.

Last updated: 26|05|2016

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