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  • 455 Kb  Health tourism   (455 KB)
  • Health tourism is emerging in Europe but is strongly developed in the US. In both cases it arises because part of the population cannot access fully or partially certain treatments in their countries and prefer to hire cheaper treatment outside its borders. The ageing of the baby boom generation on the main markets in Spain, together with its need to consume quality health services at a reasonable cost and good tourist complementary services make Spain a favourite destination.

  • 529 Kb  Healthcare Technology   (529 KB)
  • The age of healthcare technology, mainly in material diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients, gives rise to the opportunity to upgrade production facilities and renew equipment which has become obsolete. A key opportunity for foreign companies to come to manufacture and market their products, equipment, devices, etc. in Spain and supply the nearly 800 hospitals that make up the National Health System.

  • 456 Kb  Personalised medicine   (456 KB)
  • Personalised medicine is a set of scientific fields comprising epigenetics (the study of how environmental factors cause diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's) and pharmacogenomics (the study of the effect of an individual's genetic variability in their response to certain drugs). The application of pharmacogenomics in the health system could help reduce total costs in the medium term, mainly by reducing the costs associated with the administration of drugs, especially in oncological diseases. The diseases with the larger business opportunity for development of early diagnosis and treatments in medicine are haematology (e.g. transplant immunology and malignancies of lymphoid tissues) and oncology (the most common among the population: breast, colon and lung).

  • 536 Kb  Biosimilars and generics   (536 KB)
  • Between 2015 and 2019, twelve patents of the best-selling biological drugs in the world will expire. These biopharmaceuticals treat key diseases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis and are among the most important in terms of cost for health systems as they are among the ten most expensive drugs in the world, and mainly in Europe. In fact this market, of the twelve main products lose their patents in the coming years, is worth about 1.3 million euros in Spain. This "patent cliff", as it known in the industry, along with the appeal of the Spanish market, favour the entry of a new generation of biosimilars.

  • 452 Kb  2nd and 3rd generation biorefineries   (452 KB)
  • This consists of generating energy, biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel), biopolymers and basic chemicals using mechanical, thermal, chemical or biochemical processes from biomass from agricultural, agro-industrial waste and municipal solid waste. The opportunity is in the industrial scaling link The strength of the previous link ensures the number of projects with the potential to scale industrially. The "research" link is the one that concentrates most of the activity of the value chain in the generation of research. The proofs of concept, although relatively expensive, are becoming more viable due to the appearance of pilot scale plants such as the CLaMber project in Castilla-La Mancha.

Last updated: 22|01|2016

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