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R&D&i and Training

Private and public companies and other entities incorporating non EU foreign researchers, scientific and technical staff and universities or business schools teachers to carry out training and research activities may apply for a R&d&I residence authorization.

• A single authorization for living and working valid anywhere in Spain.

• Free movement within the Schengen member states.

• Streamlined processing: 10 days for visas and 20 days for residence authorizations.

• Combined processing for family members.

At the time of application, foreign nationals may be outside Spain or residing legally in the country. If they are outside the country, they must apply for the relevant visa at the Spanish Consulate in their country of origin or residence.






General requirements

• Not be in Spain in an irregular situation.

• Be over 18 years of age.

• Have no criminal record in Spain or in the countries where they have resided for the past five years, for offenses defined in the relevant Spanish legislation.

• Not be subject to an alert issued for the purposes of refusing entry in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this regard.

• Have a public or private health insurance policy with an insurance company authorised to operate in Spain.

• Have sufficient financial resources for themselves and their families during their residence in Spain.

• Have paid the visa or authorization processing fee.

The spouse or common-law partner and any children under 18 years of age or those of legal age who cannot provide by themselves and have not constituted their own family unit and parents who are dependant, who accompany or join the foreigner, may apply jointly and simultaneously or successively for their authorization and, where appropriate, their visa. In this case, evidence must be provided of being in compliance with the requirements listed in the preceding paragraph.

Specific requirements

• Research staff referred to in Article 13 and the first additional provision of Law 14/2011, of 1 June, on Science, Technology and Innovation.

• Scientific and technical staff who conduct scientific research, development and technological innovation work in business undertakings or R&D+i centres established in Spain.

• Researchers subject to an agreement with public or private research agencies, under the conditions set out in regulations.

• Teaching staff hired by universities, centres or institutions of higher education and research, or business schools established in Spain, in accordance with the criteria set out in regulations.



WHERE: The Large Business and Strategic Sectors Unit [Unidad de Grandes Empresas y Colectivos Estratégicos (UGE-CE)]. The application must be made online through the electronic site of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. Click here to apply online (in Spanish)

WHO: The entity hiring the foreign professional.

DOCUMENTATION (translated into Spanish):

• Application form for the professional. Click here to download the application form*. Please find an English translation to help you filling the official Spanish form here

• Application form for family members, if it is the case. Click here to download the application form*. Please find an English translation to help you filling the official Spanish form here

• Fee. Click here to download the application form.

General documents:

• Identity document or passport of the applicant and family members, if it is the case.

• Public or private health insurance taken out with a company operating in Spain, except if the activity to be developed in Spain will require the registration within the Spanish Social Security System.

• Background check.

• Proof of sufficient funds to support the applicant and members of his/her family during the period of residence in Spain, if it is the case, by the corresponding labour, professional contract or training agreement.

• Authorization processing fee.

• Candidates who are legally in Spain at the time of the application: holders of a stay permit or study permit valid for a maximum of six months must submit the background check of the country or countries of residence in the last five years.

Specific documents:

• Proof of the situation applicable to the contracting institution from those set out in Article 72 of Ley 14/2013:

- Public university, state or regional public research entity, university or private entity in accordance with the first additional provision.

- Business entity or R&D&i centre established in Spain, for which a report is required from the DG Innovation and Competitiveness, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

- Public or private body signatory to an agreement, under the provisions of the regulations.

- Centre or institute of higher education and research.

- Business school established in Spain.

• Documents certifying the professional relationship between the entity and the applicant.


Candidates who are abroad must apply for a visa once the entity has obtained the residence authorization for R&D&i and Training from the UGE-CE.

WHERE: The Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of residence. Select the Spanish office of representation of your place of residence.

DOCUMENTATION (translated into Spanish):

Visa application form: Information at the Consulate.

General documents:

• Identity document or passport.

• Background check.

Specific documents:

• R&D&i and Training residence authorization issued by the UGE-CE in Spain.


WHERE: Police station. Select the police station nearest to your address.

WHO: The residence authorization holder in person.


• Application for a residence card for foreigners, for every family member if it is the case. Click here to download the application form. Please find an English translation to help you filling the official Spanish form here.

• Passport.

• Copy of residence authorization.

• Three photographs.

• Payment of fees: residence card.


Decisions on visa applications will be made and notified within 10 working days, except in the case of applicants subject to prior consultation as provided for in Article 22 of the Visa Code, in which case the decision time period will be that provided for as a general rule in the mentioned Code.

The residence authorizations will be processed by the Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors in a maximum time delay of twenty days from the filing of the application. If after this time period, a decision has not been adopted, the authorization will be deemed to be granted due to administrative silence.


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Last updated: 29|11|2016

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