"Spain is the 2nd largest automaker in Europe and the 9th largest in the world"

Automotive industry is a strategic sector for the Spanish economy.

9 multinational brands with 17 plants are established in the country. Spanish plants manufactured 2.1 million vehicles in 2021, including 16 electrified models.

The Spanish automotive industry turnover represents 10% of Spain’s GDP and 18% of total exports. (including vehicles and auto-parts). External trade surplus of vehicles reached €18.9bn in 2021.

The industry generates 9% of total employment, nearly 2 million jobs are linked to this industry, and of those, 300,000 are direct jobs in the assembly plants and 201,450 directly employed in the auto-parts industry.

The automotive industry invests on average an estimated €4 bn a year in expanding and modernizing plants, being one of the largest investors in R&D&I of the economy. Besides spanish automotive industry is one of the most attractive sectors for foreign investors. Spain was the second preferred destination in Europe for new greenfield projects of multinational companies in the last five years. (by capital expenditure data fdi markets)

86% of the vehicles and 60% of the auto-parts manufactured in Spain were exported worldwide in 2021. A total of 1,820,727 Made in Spain vehicles were exported. EU was the main destination, but with increasing exports to markets outside EU . Africa, primarily Algeria, Morocco and South Africa, USA, Mexico and Chile, Japan and UAE are relevant markets for made in Spain vehicles.

Spain is a competitive location for new projects in the automotive and mobility industry. Among its competitive advantages: solid automotive industry ecosystem, productive and flexible plants, leading international position and market access, availability of highly qualified and competitive human resources, complete supply chain and high investment in innovation.

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SERNAUTO - Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers. Equipment and component sector in Spain