“Spain ranks 5th in Europe in volume of sales and number of people employed”

The aerospace and defense industry is highly developed in Spain.In 2019 the Spanish market saw 13.4 billion euros in turnover and over 57,600 people employed.

The industry is characterized by its continuous and steady growth over the last decade (83.7% since 2008) and significant investment in R&D, which accounts for 9% of the industry’s sales.

The aerospace and defense industry is a strategic sector for the Spanish economy, since:

  • It creates high-quality employment
  • Accounts for 1% of total Spanish GDP and 7.3% of the Spanish Industrial Production Index.
  • It is key for the foreign sector. In 2019, 71% of sales were from exports.
  • It is geared to RDI (the results of research in this sector are also often used in other industries)

The Spanish aeronautics industry is a world leader in many fields, including composite materials for aircraft structures, low-pressure turbines, air traffic management systems and military transport aircraft.