Spain is a preferred country
of expatriates

Safety, the Mediterranean climate and its good health indicators, etc., make Spain a preferred destination for expatriates to live and work. 

Top 5 destinations

Ranking Country
1 Switzerland
2 New Zealand
3 Spain
4 Australia
5 Cyprus
Source: HSBC Expat Explorer survey.

A universal healthcare system 

Spain provides universal access to healthcare, guaranteeing relocated workers and foreigners practically the same healthcare services as Spanish citizens.


Spain is the second country in the world in life expectancy, according to the OECD. Contributing factors include the Mediterranean diet, and mild climate.

Spain ranks 8th worldwide in the Universal Health Coverage Index, according to the  IMD's World CompetitivenessYearbook (2022).

Spain is the healthiest country in the world

A safe country

Spain is one of the safest countries in the world. According to the Global Peace Index 2022, it ranks among the top 30 countries with the highest level of peacefulness in the world.

Education and language

at the service of the expatriate

339 international schools throughout the whole of the Spanish territory.

Spain’s public and private schools offer special programs including courses in English and bilingual education.

Spanish is the second most widely used language in the world, spoken by nearly 500 million people.

International Schools in Spain 2024

Source: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. June 2024


world tourist power 

Leads the world in tourist competitiveness according to the World Economic Forum in 2022.

Second tourist destination in number of annual visitors.

Fourth country in the world and third in Europe in UNESCO's World Heritage Site list and world leader in Biosphere Reserves.

Investing in Spain is an opportunity to discover what makes us unique.