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We have experts in every field that can advise on key issues that investors should take into account when setting up in Spain, and when executing the project.


We provide information on specific laws that govern any business activity. We can also offer advice on the legal obligations that each company must take to operate correctly in Spain.

Labor market

We brief you on contractual obligations, labor costs, collective bargaining, current labor laws and amendments, Social Security requirements, etc.


We provide information about tax obligations, exemptions, etc.

Financing and incentives

If you are looking to finance your business, we can help you to find the best match for your project, as well as identify incentives and subsidies to help grow your business.

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Regional support
in setting up

Whether you have decided on a specific location or are still making up your mind, we will put you in contact with regional development agencies that can assist by linking you up with local institutions and by offering in-depth knowledge about regions, subsidies and plans for regional development.


If you need to move to Spain or to bring employees to work or manage your investment project, live here temporarily or permanently, including family members, we can guide you on the best way to do it,  and the steps you will have to take.

strategic and technology partners

Our experts know the players in each industry, which allows us to identify possible strategic and technology partnerships for your investment project.


We act as a liaison to public institutions with expertise in key elements that can make your business succeed. This close relationship with public administrations helps promote your business in the Spanish corporate and institutional ecosystem.

Industry specific advice
and information, tailor-made for you

At Invest in Spain we have experts that can offer you all the insight you need about your industry and its players in Spain. Our specialists will provide the specific information you need to develop your business, including applicable legislation, permits and authorizations, market data, statistics, trends and product and niche opportunities.

business opportunities

We can identify business opportunities for foreign investors in the Spanish market, niche opportunities and market trends.

Set up meetings

We can arrange meetings, visits and other work-related activities with institutions and partners to help you start your business and navigate the specific requirements of each phase, be they regulatory, logistical, operational, commercial or otherwise.

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Assistance and Incentive

The Directorate General for industrial strategy and SMEs provides information of aid and incentives to companies through this search engine



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