Invest in Spain is an executive division of ICEX Trade and Investment, a publicly owned business-oriented entity of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business's Secretary of State for Commerce

Our mission is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in Spain and to support business owners and entrepreneurs that want to set up their companies in Spain.

What are our objectives?

To attract foreign investment

Our goal is to promote, attract and consolidate foreign direct investment in Spain, especially focusing on new investment projects in industry, technology and services. 

To team up with investors

To facilitate collaboration between international investors and Spanish companies that want to expand and develop their activities in Spain.

To position Spain

as a global platform for international business and investments and as an internationalized and competitive economy.

Business climate

We are working to improve Spain's business climate and appeal as a recipient of foreign direct investments. One of our activities is to propose changes to the regulatory framework in order to make it easier for companies to invest and do business in Spain.

In addition to our HQ in Madrid, we do this through our international network of over 100 economic and commercial offices worldwide.

We are the
meeting point of the

central and regional governments that facilitate the connection of foreign investors with potential local partners


We help you

by providing information services, advice and support for industrial and financial investors with an eye on the Spanish market.

As a public entity,
we put all our human and technological resources at your disposal free of charge,

so that your decision to invest in Spain and the start-up process are easy, fast and hassle free. We strive to provide flexibility and adapt to trends marked by international investment flows.

Our values:






Customizing our services

And we do this by equally combining quality, efficacy and professionalism.

Contact us

Our advisers will inform

and support you in setting up your business