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Open and dynamic. The Spanish economy has steadily surpassed that of its European counterparts over the last five years, in pre-pandemic circumstances. Spain is one of the countries in the world with the least restrictive regulations for international investments. 

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Strategic hub. Spain has the largest network of highways and freeways in the EU., two of Europe's busiest airports, the third world’s most extensive high-speed rail network and is home to three of Europe’s most important ports in container port moves. 

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Trained human capital. A large percentage of the Spanish population has a higher education. Companies can find specialized talent to cover their ICT vacancies more easily in Spain than in neighboring countries and at a more competitive cost than in other major European economies.

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Taxation and incentives

Support for innovation. Spain's tax burden is similar to the EU average. Spain offers subsidies and grants and has a comprehensive system of tax incentives and exemptions to promote RDI activities, knowledge transfer and job creation.

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Quality of life

Longer and better lives. Life expectancy of Spaniards is longer than in most of the world thanks to the Spanish cuisine and the enjoyment of leisure activities. Spain's universal healthcare leads the world in healthcare systems. 

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