Spain stands out worldwide for its world-class network of air, land, rail and maritime infrastructures and the quality of its services. A structure that favors the development and growth of logistics and transport in the Spanish economy.

● The sector represents 6.9% of Spain’s GDP. A figure that rises to 10% if we add the activities of a logistics nature carried out by industrial, commercial and service companies.

● The annual turnover of the sector reaches 101,000 million euros.

● The sector generates almost one million jobs.

● There is a high business concentration with around 218,000 companies linked to the sector. 

Spain has a privileged position in Southern Europe where the main goods traffic routes converge. The eastward enlargement of the European Union (EU) favors Spain's strategic position with regard to trade flows and the centers of redistribution of foreign trade in the EU and the rest of the world.

Connectivity that promotes the development of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) which in Spain includes two of the nine multimodal European corridors considered a priority by the European Union: the Atlantic Corridor and the Mediterranean Corridor. Main arteries where the key flows of goods and people are concentrated.