Companies with difficulties in filling ICT vacancies in Europe

Source: Eurostat, OCDE.

High level


Spain has a great deal of highly skilled human capital with a competitive advantage, thanks to the quality of education.

Spanish universities produce professionals with skills and competences that are highly valued internationally. 

In Spain, the university system is made up of 85 universities (50 public and 35 private), as well as 322 research institutes and 78 science and technology parks.

Geographical distribution of

Spanish Universities

Academic year 2022-2023


business schools

Four Spanish business schools ( IESE Business School, IE, Esade y EADAl) rank among the European’s top 20 business schools


Furthermore, the MBAs from 4 Spanish business schools are among the top 10 best European MBA programmes according to the 2023 Global MBA Ranking.

Source: (Bloomberg Report 2022)

Global MBA Ranking 2023 | European Business School

Ranking Business School Country
1 Insead France / Singapur
2 Iese Business School Spain
3 SDA Bocconi Italy
4 London Business School UK
5 HEC Paris France
6 IE Business School Spain
7 University of Cambridge: Judge UK
8 ESCP Business School France/UK/Germany/Spain/Italy
9 University of Oxford: Saïd UK
10 Esade Business School Spain
... ... ....
33 Eada Business School Barcelona Spain
Source: Financial Times


job market

Spain’s regulatory framework is modern, flexible and transparent and is based on the standards and best practices of the OECD. 

Foreign companies based in Spain provide direct employment for 1.7 million workers, according to the Foreign Investment Registry  (Last data availble, 2020).


Salary costs are also more competitive than in other major European economies. 

Labour cost per hour worked, 2021 (€/hour)

Source: Destatis 2022 (Federal Statistical Office Germany)

Productivity in Spain has been on an upward trend for the last ten years and continues to grow faster than in other European countries.

Labour market reform: more flexibility, productivity, employment and skills.

Unit Labour Cost| Index 1999=100.GRAFICO. TESORO

Real Productivity | Index 1999=100

This is a great time for Entrepreneurship in Spain. Supported by national and regional policies and incentives, this surge in new entrepreneurial initiatives promotes various forms of work-related alliances. 

Source: Mapa del Emprendimiento 2022. South Summit


is open

to foreign talent

Spain is an open and inclusive society. More than 6 million foreigners live in the Spanish territory (13% of the population) and are well integrated into the society. Spain is particularly attractive to Spanish-speaking talent.

Spain is the preferred destination of university students in the Erasmus exchange program according to the European Commission: mainly for the language, the quality of its universities and its open and inclusive culture towards foreigners. 

Quality of Life

In Spain there are specific formulas designed to facilitate worker, investor and entrepreneur relocations.


Spain has excellent diplomatic relations with nations world-wide. The Spanish passport is the third most highly valued by the countries (190) to which it offers visa-free entry (Visa Restriction lndex, 2023).

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