Monta has set up its European development hub in Barcelona with the aim of leading the market by 2025

  Electric vehicle charging is one of the fundamental factors for the widespread use of this type of engine. First established in 2020, Danish startup Monta arrived in Spain in 2023, where it found great potential, choosing Barcelona to open its European hub because it is one of the benchmark locations for technology on the continent. This year, it will become the company’s second largest office after its headquarters in Denmark.


Monta's offering consists of a platform that facilitates drivers' access to the existing network of commercial charging points through an integrated software solution coordinated with companies, cities and operators. In its last funding round, which closed in January, it raised 80 million euros, a large part of which will be used to consolidate the business in Spain.




Monta arrived in Spain in 2023 by opening its European hub in Barcelona. Why did you choose this location, even though you were already present in nine other countries?

The aim of Monta’s arrival in Spain was to contribute to the growth of the electric charging network and to achieve a more sustainable future here. When it came to deciding on Barcelona as the site for our headquarters, it was an obvious choice. Barcelona is one of the benchmark locations for technology in Europe, especially if you want to recruit a diverse, international and high-quality team.


What is the goal of your presence in Spain?

We believe that there is a huge national potential for electric vehicle (EV) deployment in Spain which has yet to be untapped. Our mission is to contribute to this. We believe that people should not be prevented from creating a more sustainable and healthier planet because of a lack of availability. That is why our goal is to fully digitise the entire electric vehicle ecosystem in order to address all the sector’s immediate challenges and move towards a more transparent and flexible future. Monta came to Spain to become the market leader by 2025, both here and in Europe as a whole, contributing to the success of the transition to electric vehicles and decarbonisation.


How important is Spain for the company's strategy?

Spain is one of our main markets. You can only be a European leader if you are also successful in Spain. That is why we have invested a lot to achieve this.


What work is being done from the centre in Barcelona?

Apart from the work dedicated to the Spanish market, the rest of the workforce is divided between customer service and sales development representatives, as well as some engineers. They work for all our markets.


In January, you closed a series B round in which you raised 80 million euros. Are you going to strengthen your presence in Spain?

This round of funding is very good news for Monta in Spain. It will allow us to expand our local team, as well as our Barcelona headquarters, and to meet our objectives of being market leader in the country by 2025. We are already working with major local partners who want to work with us, and this will allow us to consolidate our growth in the country. This is a decisive step that will allow us to fulfil our mission to revolutionise the electric vehicle charging ecosystem and contribute to decarbonising the Spanish economy.


How many employees do you have in Spain and what are their profiles?

We already have 30 employees of 13 different nationalities! We aim to grow our team by 270% year on year by the end of the year. The profiles will be customer service agents and sales development representatives for all our European markets.


What is your roadmap for deploying charging points in Spain?

Our roadmap is simple: to become the market leader both at home and in Europe by 2025. Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure are the cornerstone of the global shift towards decentralised electrification, and Monta's software platform is the backbone that enables this critical transition in energy and mobility. Our differentiator is that we take on the entire value chain of the EV charging market with a tool that streamlines and simplifies charging operations for all participants, bridging the gap between energy suppliers and end users. With one million charging sessions per month and 130,000 charging points on the Monta platform, our growth shows that this market is approaching a tipping point.


What impact will the new European legislation have on the deployment of charging stations in Spain?

The EU targets are ambitious, as we are aiming for climate neutrality by 2050. Decarbonisation of the transport industry is of course a condition for success. This is why there is a target to end the marketing of new thermal vehicles by 2035 when it comes to cars for personal use, to achieve a 40%-reduction in greenhouse emissions from heavy duty vehicles by 2030, and a 90%-reduction by 2040. We believe this will accelerate the deployment of charging stations across the country. The latest reports from Aedive indicate that Spain has seen a 41% increase in charging points up to 2023, to 30,000, and new EV registrations have soared by 39%. With 40% of Spaniards wanting to buy an electric vehicle in the next five years, the demand for carbon neutral transport is unquestionable. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are happy and ready to participate in the country's success.


Photos: Monta