Andalusia - Aeronautical

aeronautico_definitiva_29913_ Aeronautical

A sector with a great tradition and one which has high potential for the future in the region. Andalusia has consolidated its position as the second region in Spain and one of the principal regions within Europe for this sector. The sector encompasses 125 companies that specialise mainly in mechanical activities and in tooling, followed by engineering and consulting services. The sector employs more than 6,000 people and has turned over almost 850 million Euros. EADS-CASA and Airbus are the principal driving forces. There is modern infrastructure to support the sector, such as the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park and the Bay of Cadiz Technology Park. At present the aeronautical industry in Andalusia participates in two large aeronautical projects: the manufacture of part of the Airbus A380 aeroplane in Cádiz and the assembly of the military Airbus A400M in Seville.

Andalusia - Agro-industrial Industry

img_sector_agroindustria_2978 Agro-industrial sector

A sector with a long tradition which carries the most economic and social weight in the Autonomous Region of Andalusia. It is estimated that Andalusia has more than 5,000 agro-alimentary businesses that have turned over more than 13,000 million Euros, representing 22% of the total value of industry in Andalusia and generating more than 52,000 jobs, which represents 20% of the total for Andalusian industry. The auxiliary agricultural sector is made up of 20,000 companies dedicated mainly to engineering and consulting activities, the manufacture of auxiliary elements and services. The region represents an international benchmark in technologies for intensive farming and farming under plastic, as well as technologies for the olive and olive oil industries. There is modern infrastructure for the industry, such as the Geolit Technology Park and Agro-industrial Technology Centres for R&D&I. The most noteworthy companies are: Grupo SOS Cuétara, Grupo Ebro Puleva, Grupo Danone, AgroSevilla, Heineken and Ybarra, amongst others.

Andalusia - Biotechnology

biotecnologia_definitiva2_299 Biotechnology

A strategic sector that is experiencing notable growth in research and business initiative activities, and which has made Andalusia a scientific area with a high level of quality that favours research with full guarantees. The region has technological parks and recognised research facilities, amongst which is the PTS Technological Health Sciences Park, the first in Spain and one of the few in the world that specialises in Health Sciences. Andalusia has consolidated its position as the second autonomous region in Spain in terms of the number of biotechnology companies, with 19% of the total number of such companies in the country. The sector encompasses more than 100 biotechnology companies which generate 2,800 jobs and a turnover in excess of 586 million Euros. There are 270 research groups specialising in biomedicine, 170 in life sciences and 120 in agro-biotechnology. Mention should also be made of the recent creation of a bio-cluster to promote the sector within the region. Granada was the location for the 2008 edition of BIOSPAIN, which represented the consolidation and presentation of the sector at all levels.

Andalusia - Renewable energies

energias_renovables_definitiv Renewable energies

Because of its geographic location and its climate, Andalusia is currently considered to be one of the most privileged enclaves for the promotion and development of renewable energies. The autonomous region of Andalusia is the European region that receives the most sunlight across its surface area. The main sources of renewable energy are thermo-solar energy, photovoltaic, wind energy, and biomass. The region is the national leader in the biomass sector, one of the principal regions in the country in terms of installed photovoltaic energy, the first Spanish region in terms of the surface area of panels that have been installed and one of the pioneering regions in Spain for wind power installations (wind farms). The region is setting up a technological industry to meet the requirements of these installations. There are already industrial plants operating, as well as other projects being developed in industries for the manufacture of solar-thermal harnessing elements, photovoltaic modules and wind power generators. The region is becoming a focus of attention for the manufacturers of components, such as Eozen, Schott Solar, Solel, Terrasun, amongst others.

Andalusia - Metallurgical-mechanical

metalm_naval_definitiva_29917_ Metallurgical-mechanical

A mature and consolidated sector that has been experiencing high growth levels over the last few years. The sector is made up of companies dedicated to the manufacturing, repair, assembly and transformation of metals. Amongst the main activities are metallurgy, the manufacture of machinery, automotive and naval activities. The metal companies in the region represent 5% of all the Spanish companies and around 40% of the national industrial production, contributing approximately 9% of the GDP. The metallurgical-mechanical industry is made up by almost 9,000 companies, generating 75,000 jobs. Defence is a very stable sub-sector that has a vey optimistic outlook. It turns over more than 1,500 million Euros and employs around 11,000 people. The main driving forces in this sector are Santana Motor, Navantia, Dragados Off-shore, Astilleros de Huelva, Astilleros de Sevilla (shipyards), Renault, Valeo, General Dynamic-Santa Bárbara Sistemas, amongst others.

Andalusia - IT & Communications

tic_definitiva_29916_ IT and Communications

This sector stands out because of its significant growth over the last few years. It is made up by 1,374 companies that turned 4,609 million Euros over in 2007. This represents a growth of around 15% over the previous year. Within national circles the region contributes almost 14% of the turnover generated by the sector and employs 34,000 people. Mention must be made of the services area associated with the information and communications technology sectors and the telecommunications and information systems sectors, in particular with regard to the Professional Electronics and Telecommunications Equipment segments. Amongst the most innovative trends in the sector are nano-electronics and domotics. The region has modern infrastructures in highly competitive environments such as the PTA and Cartuja 93 Technology Parks, 10 research centres and technological centres and 8 universities that provide courses specialising in telecommunications, information technology and engineering. Some of the more notable companies in the sector are Telvent, AT4 Wireless, Oracle, Huawei, Genera Mobile Solutions, Fujitsu Ten España, Isotrol, Ingenia, Novasoft, MP Corporación, amongst others.

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