WHY SPAIN? Iberian Investment Briefing

London / United Kingdom 06/19/2019

Embajada de Spain
ICEX-Invest in Spain is co-organizing the IBERIAN INVESTMENT BRIEFING - WHY SPAIN? event with Iberian Properties. This is a real estate conference where the international community of investors will discuss and exchange views about the latest trends in the sector in the Iberian Peninsula, and exchange information about the market, opportunities and investment prospects for the next few years in Spain and Portugal.

Iberian Property and Investment Briefings are launching a new series of half day investment events focused on Iberia. The first event, IBERIAN INVESTMENT BRIEFING - WHY SPAIN? is coorganised with ICEX-Invest in Spain and will be held in London hosted by the Spanish Ambassador.

The Spanish Embassy provides a unique setting for senior leaders from both Iberian real estate markets and the international investment community to meet, discuss and share the latest research, strategy, local market insight, market outlook and opportunities in Spain. With one of the most resilient economic growth stories in the euro area, Spain is high on the wish list for investors across the main sectors; office, retail & logistics. There is also an increasing focus on alternative investment opportunities from student housing to leisure & tourism as well as debt. Join senior leaders in the real estate market and benefit from high-level market insights, and discuss the outlook, pricing, risks and opportunities in both the traditional and alternative sectors.

For further information, have a look at its webpage here. To learn more about the services we offer to foreign companies interested in investing in Spain, you can book a meeting with us by clicking here.