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Key industries


Spain ranks among the Top 10 car producers in the world and Aragon is one of the three most important regions in the industry, with more than 350 automobile companies.

The CAAR automotive cluster was created to promote inter-company cooperation and collaboration in industry projects in Aragon.

80% of Spanish production is located less than 350 km from Aragon, and more than 50% of Spain's auto manufacturing is distributed throughout the Autonomous Region.

Furthermore, the PSA Group (Opel) factory located in Figueruelas, has 5,600 direct employees and a production capacity of 500,000 cars a year.


With nearly 1,000 companies in Aragon, agri-food is the second most important industry in terms of turnover and employment, accounting for more than 10% of the region's GDP.

Aragon's 11 protected designations of origin cover quality products as varied as wine, olive oil, onions, peaches and ham.


The agri-food companies are very diverse, and many are internationally renowned, like Jorge Group, Chocolates Lacasa, La Zaragozana (Cervezas Ámbar), Piensos Costa and La Bella Easo (Bimbo Group).

Aragon leads in the production of stone fruit and is a standard in the pork industry; it is where the National Cluster is headquartered, leading the way for synergies that integrate innovation and technology in all processes.

This has led multinational agri-food companies like the Italian Pini Group (Litera Meat, S.L.U) to choose Aragon as the ideal setting for their base.



Aragon is one of the largest industrial centers in Spain. It is the headquarters of a range of companies in industries including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, paper, metallurgy, electronic, chemical and agri-food, not to mention the automotive industry.

The impact of industry in Aragon is six points higher than in Spain overall.

Aragon leads the ranking of per capita patent requests in Spain.


Aragon is headquarters for the National Association of Public Works and Construction Machinery, the Association of Elevator Component Companies, and of business clusters working in agroindustry, water use efficiency, automation, logistics, health and aerospace.

International trade shows

The Zaragoza trade show is a national and international model for industry events: FIMA for agricultural machinery and livestock equipment, SMOPYC for construction machinery, and SMAGUA are European standards.




The number of information, communication and technology companies in Aragon has grown substantially in recent years.

Companies like DXC TECHNOLOGY: (Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) + Computer Sciences Corp (CSC)), Adidas, Deloitte, KMPG and Vueling have set up their technology centers in Aragon.

Aragon presents excellent opportunities for companies and professionals from Aragon to connect.

Twelve thousand students at the University of Zaragoza take engineering and new technology courses. In addition, there are 170 professional training centers with 17,000 students, 7,000 of them in technical areas.


Aragon is located where the transportation routes of the most economically dynamic areas of Spain and southern France meet.

Broad experience in logistics, reinforced by major investments in transport and communication infrastructures makes Aragon a logistics hub of international standing.

Specialized training and research in logistics at an international level is taught at the Aragonese branch of the ZLC (Zaragoza Logistics Center), the research and training institute affiliated with the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to reinforce the competitive edge of companies in Aragon.

Zaragoza is a benchmark in intermodal operations, with projects such as PLAZA, a 13 million m2 intermodal platform (rail, airport and highway intersection) located 10 km from Zaragoza. Inditex/Zara, Pikolin, BSH, Decathlon, DHL, ESPRINET and MERCADONA (Caladero) and others have already expressed interest. 

Logistics platforms are also being developed in Huesca (PLHUS and PLFRAGA) and Teruel (PLATEA).