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Reasons to invest

1 Technically trained human capital

Cantabria has well-qualified human capital, very motivated and highly- trained. Cantabrians are distinguished for their advanced level of training and skills, with nearly 70% of working-aged people having university or secondary education.

The University of Cantabria is involved in the region's social and economic development, bringing great added value to the industry with highly trained human capital and active collaboration in innovation, especially with technical, engineering and IT trainees.

As a key factor in business competitiveness, the extensive offer of occupational training available in Cantabria ensures that companies can count on well- qualified employees to respond to the needs and demands of today's industry

2 R&D. Commitment to innovatio

Cantabria considers innovation and technological development as priority values that are continually nourished by highly skilled human capital.

The Scientific and Technological Park of Cantabria has reinforced its existing research and development offer and has consolidated the regional information and communication technology sector.

The Business Accelerator will act as a pull factor to draw new R&D companies.

The prestigious University of Cantabria is one of the most important in Spain in the field of research and development. Cantabria has also earned a name for itself as a world-leading hub in renewable energy related to wave power.

3 Competitive labor costs and social climate

Cantabria offers very competitive hourly labor costs, a high level of productivity, and one of the best annual averages of actual workdays in the industrial sector.

A job market that offers a combination of a young, highly qualified workers and competitive labor costs puts Cantabria in a privileged position, with a business structure of corporate competitiveness, and more business opportunities than other territories.

Cantabria is also distinguished for its favorable social climate, which is guaranteed through a social contract with trade unions, business owners and the regional government, to encourage a stable environment that has been reinforced over the years. As a result of this agreement, labor conflicts have been reduced to a negligible amount in recent years.

4 Advanced connections by land, sea and air

The Autonomous Region of Cantabria has a comprehensive land, air, and maritime transport network to facilitate connections with the rest of Spain and with the main European capitals. A high-capacity road goes from east to west along the coast, for direct and uninterrupted highway access to the rest of Europe; and from north to south, to other cities in Spain.

Due to its location, the port of Santander has great potential for natural growth, providing personalized services to customers with a comprehensive offer adaptable to the exact requirements of any merchandise; it also specializes in Ro-Ro, solid, and liquid bulk cargo transport.

Santander has a modern airport as well, with several flights to major national and international destinations. It is one of the airports in Spain with the highest increase in passenger traffic.

5 Quality of life and health

In addition to being one of the regions with the lowest incidence of Covid-19, and having a first-rate healthcare and public health system, Cantabria also has the advantage of an excellent quality of life.

Cantabria combines such important elements as art and nature, history and leisure, tradition, and excellent cuisine. Between sea and mountains, it has a typically Atlantic climate, with mild temperatures all year round.

The capital, Santander is considered one of the loveliest cities in Europe, with a spectacular bay, immaculate beaches, and extensive green areas.

Cantabria is an exceptional place for nature lovers and water sports, with 200 kilometers of coastline, more than 100 beaches, one of the largest protected natural spaces in Europe, summits soaring to over 2,500 m, rivers with excellent fishing, and the biggest game reserve in Spain. The Alto Campoo ski resort offers enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in a wide range of winter sports. Golf lovers will also find magnificent courses throughout the region.