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Reasons to invest

1 Socio-economic environment

One of the regions in Spain with the best GDP. Its active population is characterized by a high level of training and skills, which translates into healthy competitiveness. A wide range of universities offering technical careers, with resources and programs to increase training, can meet the growing demand for advanced processes and information technologies. The education system in Galicia produces the adequate talent that businesses need to fulfill their requirements for new technologies and complex systems.

2 Doing business

A prime objective of Galicia is business consolidation through new investments. The region focuses its efforts on offering opportunities to companies. The government of Galicia promotes clusters as an ideal way to approach Galician companies.

3 Innovation

Galicia is clearly and decisively committed to positioning its industry at the forefront of Industry 4.0 by promoting R&D through innovation policies. The government of Galicia finances the structural expenses of competitive research facilities located in the region’s technology clusters, to foster open innovation between tech centers and the market..

4 International expansion

Galicia looks outward to grow. Much of the region’s growth is due to its export potential, an economic force that makes it one of the Spanish regions most open to international markets. It is also a competitive region with the ability to attract foreign companies; over 50,000 jobs in Galicia are tied to foreign investment. Major foreign companies have set up in Galicia, where industrial land is available at a competitive price and a pool of suitable workers for their business activities can be found.