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Reasons to invest

1 Talent

The region is one of the few places in Spain, with 7 universities and 94 professional colleges within a radius of 150km, to offer companies a pool of 120,500 qualified employees every year.

Salaries are also among the most competitive in the country, 20% more competitive than the Spanish average.

In addition to staff-hiring assistance and incentives that could be between €3,000 and €6,000 per job, talent is one of the most important reasons why companies come to Murcia to invest.

2 Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI)

Murcia is the only region in Spain with a UNAI to streamline the administrative procedures for investment projects.

By law, the administrative procedures for projects that qualify as UNAI take half the time to process, including licenses and permits.

Furthermore, all procedures will be entered in a single registry, and carried out by Invest in Murcia.

UNAI project eligibility is established within 48 hrs, when an agent will guide the company through the entire process. 

3 Implementation and Operational costs

With industrial land costing on average €70/m2, the region is 58% more affordable than the Spanish average. There are also 78 industrial parks in the region, fully displayed in the system, to make choosing a site easy.

The average price of office space is around €7/m2, which means that with the same budget, a company can have an office almost four times larger than the European average.

A powerful logistics industry, with the second largest fleet of trucks in Spain, ensures the company that logistics costs for transporting their goods will be highly competitive.

4 Investment incentives

The region currently offers the highest level of European funded investment incentives allowed by the EU, which could be as much as 45% of non-refundable aid.

Employment subsidies are among the highest in the country, with €3,000 to €6,000 in incentives per job, including free training.

As a financial agent, Invest in Murcia also has its own forms of aid and funding for investment, R&D, exports and foreign trade.

The agency has a finance department that can advise companies on the best option for financing their investment project and that will guide them throughout the entire process. Invest in Murcia grants subsidies to over 500 companies every year.

5 Connectivity

When a company is established in the region, it will be fully connected with the rest of the world. An extensive logistics fleet, along with the Port of Cartagena and two more ports within 250km, can make your products available worldwide. Located in the center of south eastern Spain, the region can access a market of almost eight million people in less than three hours.

Two international airports (Murcia and Alicante) with daily flights to over 100 destinations, ensure that employees and clients will have no problems traveling.

The arrival of high-speed rail in the region has facilitated connectivity within Spain, making it possible to reach the center of the country in less than three hours.

And of course, thanks to our high quality-of-life standards, you can go to bed in any city in the region knowing that the next day you can use your car to get to work.