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Key industries


The industry comprises 105 companies, with a combined turnover of €5.1 billion. Industry direct employment includes nearly 12,000 workers, 4.3% of the jobs in the region. In 2018 exports reached 3.795 billion, or 42% of Navarre’s goods exports.

Navarre’s business ecosystem is well represented by Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers that offer top-quality products, and that have steadily grown thanks to the presence of Volkswagen Navarre, for example.

These companies compete internationally and are known for being flexible and able to adapt to the manufacturers’ needs. The role of spare parts companies in the value chain is more and more relevant due to the high and increasing degree of product outsourcing by auto manufacturers. 


Navarre is home to one of the leading agri-food clusters in Spain, located in the Ebro Valley.  It promotes and facilitates innovative processes developed by the industry to improve business.  Practically the entire value chain is covered, with annual turnover at €3 billion, and an additional €900 million from the primary sector.

The agri-food industry is Navarre’s second largest economic area, accounting for 5% of total regional GDP, and 14% of industry GDP. It is a dynamic industry where exports have increased by 92% since 2008, and that already accounts for 12% of total exports.


Navarre has one of the most dynamic biomedical clusters in Spain, with fascinating opportunities for partnerships and investments in the industry. Twenty-five companies, 5 research centers, 2 universities and 2 major hospitals represent this industry. The region’s infrastructure for innovation is among the best in Spain and facilitates the evolution of a biomedical product from concept to market.

Fueled by the high standards of the healthcare industry and future trends, the biopharmaceutical sector has considerable scientific and technological influence. 

Renewable energy

Navarre is a pioneer and European benchmark in the production of renewables, with a deep-rooted commitment to develop them through technology and industry and to apply new global standards for wind power.

In 2009 Navarre exceeded the European renewable energy objective for 2020, with 21.3% of electricity generated from renewable sources. Renewable energy currenty meets 83% of Navarre’s electrical power consumption, or the equivalent of electricity consumed by 911,000 households (in Navarre there are 240,000). About 40% of energy produced is exported.

Companies in the industry carry weight within Navarre's industrial framework, which in 2012 comprised around 100 businesses and more than 3,800 workers (direct and indirect). After consolidating in Navarre, several firms began their international expansion, including: Acciona Energy, Acciona Windpower, Gamesa Eólica, Ingeteam and M. Torres.


Navarre’s ICT industry is in its infancy. Eighty-six percent of the companies were created within the last 15 years, and 67% in the last decade.

The cross-cutting nature of ICTs makes this industry essential for the development of other identified strategic sectors (for example Smart Grids in energy, and sensor networks in agricultural industry applications or eHealth).

The ICT offer in Navarre is competitive when it comes to control and regulation systems applied to the renewables industry and geographic information systems. Both areas require specific systems that are being handled by companies in Navarre that have taken advantage of the market niche to gain experience and present it to other regions.